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Bing Ads and You: Using Facebook Audience Insights to improve your CTR

When was the last time you even made eye contact with the salesperson at your favorite retail outlet, who could only manage to say “Hello,” as you walked briskly past? What if that salesperson already knew what you were looking for and could bring you right to it?  Would they have you at "Hello"? 

Having that audience intelligence before your customers even make eye contact with your ad on their screen is the first and most critical step to running a successful campaign.  As illustrated in the opening post of this Bing Ads and You series, knowing your customer better than the competition is the difference between a campaign that rocks and one that flops. 

Today, I will dive further into Audience, the cornerstone of our Marketing Development Cycle, leveraging MaternaLIFT’s case study to reveal techniques and best practices that will help have your customers engaged with the first, “Hello!”  

Key elements of the Marketing Development Cycle

bing ads marketing

While working with Kevin and Jessica at MaternaLIFT to identify their customers and develop a customer profile, we interviewed them to collect their customer engagement experiences. We used Campaign Planner within Bing Ads to study related customers' activities across the Yahoo Bing Network and we teamed up with social media expert, Dayna Moon, Sr. Director of Social Media at 3Q Digital to extract audience insights from MaternaLIFT’s Facebook account. 

Here is what this experience taught us, and how the campaign performed as a result:

1. Study customer activities with Bing Ads Campaign Planner

Bing Ads Campaign Planner helps you analyze potential customers’ activities on the Yahoo Bing Network and assess the competition in engaging with that audience. More importantly, Campaign Planner presents seasonal trends in a convenient daily/weekly/monthly/annual format to help you seize the moment and benchmark your campaign performance.

Using Bing Ads Campaign Planner to collect dynamic insightsbing ads campaign planner

2. Apply audience insights from Facebook to Bing Ads campaigns

In Facebook, you can collect audience insights from two activities:

1.) Facebook users interact with your Facebook page. By going through the Insights/People menu on your Facebook page, you can get general information, such as gender distribution, age range, prevalent locations and languages.

Audience insights from your Facebook page

bing ads facebook data

2.) Facebook users visited your website. Create a custom audience and select it from the Audience Insights menu.

How to collect audience insights on those visited your website/web page(s)

bing ads facebook data

Integrating the information from Campaign Planner and Facebook Audience Insights, you get a deeper view of your potential customers: not just who they are, but which ones are more likely to purchase your products during a certain season. 

For MaternaLIFT, a company selling an innovative maternity support product, Campaign Planner helps them confirm that there are relatively little seasonal changes for maternity products, but that some US states have a higher demand than others, and most related searches are conducted on a PC.

Likewise, Facebook’s audience insights helps them identify the age range of potential customers, confirm which city/state have the highest interest for their product and their purchasing behavior.  

MaternaLIFT tailored their Bing Ads campaign settings with the insights learned from both tools, and as a result, observed a 30% lift in CTR! 

Transferring Facebook audience insights into your Bing Ads campaign settings

bing ads facebook data

bing ads facebook data

Until Next Time

Remember: audience intelligence anchors a successful advertising campaign; having a deeper understanding of your customers helps you develop an actionable marketing plan that promotes your value proposition with highly relevant content.  In the next article for Bing Ads and You, we'll discuss how to develop such a marketing plan.

Meanwhile, feel free to drop me a note if you have a question on building audience insights that will make customers say, “You had me at hello!

Happy Advertising,

Ping Jen