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Linda Shi

Sr. Growth Marketing Manager, Microsoft Advertising


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Retail holiday outlook: Apparel and Consumer Packaged Goods

Microsoft Advertising Insights took a deeper dive to forecast expectations on retail spending for two major sub-categories: Apparel and Consumer Packaged Goods. Expect large growth across these two categories in upcoming months.

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2021 holiday season: 6 moments that will mean more

This year, the holiday season will mean more togetherness, more commerce, and more revelry. Here are our predictions for the six moments that will mean more for consumers and how advertisers can help celebrants make it mean more this year.

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Seasons of change spark seasons of search

Learn why you should use Life Moments as a framework to design campaigns that resonate with seasonal searchers. We highlight three examples of these seasons of change: home improvement and relocation, celebrating loved ones, and preparing for a baby.

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Women entrepreneurs redefine success in business

Let’s raise a glass to women entrepreneurs around the world. They’ve triumphed over countless obstacles and gender discriminations to achieve great accomplishments and empower women to go for their own dreams. Jean Thompson and Akvile DeFazio fit the bill perfectly as examples of all the above. Although they’ve never met, together they could make quite the pair. Bing Ads salutes them and all the other women entrepreneurs making the world a better place for you and me.

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Helping small businesses win hearts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is a dream holiday for small businesses ranging from restaurants to boutiques to florists as shoppers search for unique gifts and experiences to show their loved ones how special they are. Local searches on the Bing Network are growing. With a 9 percent increase in local searches year over year — amounting to 88 million local searches monthly — and a 3 percent increase in paid local clicks, Bing Ads is ready to help your small business become the local favorite.

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