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Microsoft + Roku: Key findings across Retail, Tech, and Travel

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In an industry-first collaboration, Microsoft Advertising and Roku connected the dots between TV streaming, search, and native advertising. The result? By matching Microsoft and Roku’s powerful data sets together, we gained insights into audience behaviour and media effectiveness across three key verticals: Retail, Technology, and Travel. The data shows that ads are run concurrently on both Microsoft Advertising and Roku platforms, the impact of cross-channel lift is increased. Here you’ll find an in-depth look into our findings and best practices for brand marketers within these verticals.

Retail case study

Duration: 0:37

Roku TV streaming ads proved to be highly successful in driving an increase in online behaviours on Bing. On average, we saw a +9% lift in brand searches per user and a whopping +43% lift in overall retail brand search volume, after seeing a retail TV streaming ad. Click through rates (CTRs) on Audience Ads increased by 10% after Roku TV streaming ad exposure. Retail consumers who were exposed to native ads and TV streaming ads drive the strongest post-search lift of 3.4x after seeing 7-10 Roku ads.
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Technology case study

Duration: 0:25

Consumers remained heavily engaged with technology brands online after seeing TV streaming ads from Roku. On average, we saw a +13% lift in brand clicks per user and a +7% lift in overall brand click volume for tech clients post exposure. Tech brands saw an increase in CTRs on the Microsoft Audience Network of +23% after Roku TV streaming ad exposure. Unlike retail ads, consumers searched for technology brands more after seeing 11+ Roku TV streaming ads.
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Travel case study

Duration: 0:49


Roku TV streaming ads performed well for travel advertisers, with an average +19% lift in brand searches per user and a +15% lift in overall brand search volume post exposure. Consumers were also more likely to click on an Audience Ad after being influenced by TV streaming ads, with native ads CTRs increasing +7% after seeing a TV streaming ad. Higher frequencies are key for travel advertisers: We saw a post-search lift of 1.5x after seeing 11 or more TV streaming ads.
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Learn more about the Microsoft and Roku collaboration by reading our exclusive whitepaper: Reimagining Cross-Channel Measurement: How the Microsoft + Roku collaboration will elevate your ad campaigns by connecting the dots between TV streaming, search, and audience ads.