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Track more of your ad impact with Offline Conversion Import

Understanding the full impact of your ad campaigns is one of the most important topics for any marketer. For many advertisers, this impact spans both online and offline activities of their customers. Industries like autos, insurance, mortgages, education and others often use online marketing campaigns to generate new leads of potential buyers. Then they hand over the user leads to a local sales rep who can better assist potential customers in the completion of a purchase.

By using Offline Conversion Import, advertisers with offline sales from online leads can connect their conversions back to the search ads that users interacted with along the way. This is an important step in our journey at Bing Ads to help advertisers build a more complete view of their campaign impact across online and offline channels.

How does it work?

You can connect offline conversions to a search ad via the use of a Microsoft Click ID (MSCLKID), which is automatically appended to your ad URLs when you first enable this feature. You’ll then need to capture this click ID from the referring URL whenever a user visits your website, and store it with any form or quote filled out by a user on your website.

Let’s go through an example situation. Say you’re an insurance company, and a potential customer saw and clicked your search ad. A unique click ID would be generated by Bing Ads and appended to the landing page URL. You would capture this when the customer lands on your website and store it somewhere like a user cookie or have it persist in the URL across your webpages. When the customer decides to fill out an insurance quote, you would associate the click ID with that same information. When the customer completes the purchase offline with a local agent, you can connect the conversion back to the click ID and import it into Bing Ads as a conversion event. After importing your offline conversions into Bing Ads, you’ll see them populated across all your performance grids and reporting that include conversion data.

I’m ready, how do I set it up?

1. You get started by creating an Offline conversions goal from the Conversion goals page under Conversion Tracking.

Conversion goal feature
Select Offline conversions radio button

2. Select your revenue value, conversion counting type and your desired conversion window. After you’ve saved the goal, the auto-tagging of the click ID is automatically turned on. You can always check the status of your auto-tagging in the URL options page of the Shared Library.

Select your revenue value, conversion counting type and your desired conversion window

Check auto-tagging status

3. Next, you need to configure your website code to capture the click ID and store it with the lead information in your CRM system.

4. Once the leads have converted, you need to prepare the data to be imported using our import template. You can download the template from the Offline conversions page under the Conversion Tracking section in the left panel.

Download import template from Offline conversion page

Import template example

5. Import the file back into Bing Ads by selecting Import and preview in the Offline conversions page of the Conversion Tracking section in the left panel. Review the status of your upload and Apply changes.

Select Import and preview button to import file

Review status and click Apply changes button

6. You can view conversion data in the Conversions goals page within five hours of the upload.

View conversion data in Conversions goals page

When and where is this feature available?

This feature will begin to roll out to our global audience today, and it’s expected to take a few weeks to reach all of our customers around the world. You can access the feature on Bing Ads online or through our Bing Ads API.

Questions or comments?

Feel free to visit the Help section of Bing Ads for additional resources on how to get started with Offline Conversion Import. You can also watch our video walk-through of the feature on YouTube.

We’d love to hear your feedback on the feature and other ways we can help connect your offline and online marketing efforts. Visit us on Twitter, where you can reach the Bing Ads team, as well as a community of experts across the industry.

If you have a new feature to recommend to us, please try out our Feature Suggestion Forum — where Offline Conversion Import received the highest number of user votes across all new feature suggestions.