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European team plants the seeds of success

A silhouette of a large tree
Here at Microsoft, we’re passionate about building a sustainable futureand we’re doing so one tree at a time. I was so proud to hear that Microsoft Advertising had officially announced its new sustainability mission, which is to achieve a goal of planting 250,000 trees by July 2020, as well as reducing swag for internal and external events and activities.
Microsoft Advertising team in Madrid

This provided us with the perfect opportunity to give back, be active and do something positive for our communities… And you can be sure the Continental Europe team didn't need to be asked twice! In October 2019, we used a planned get-together in Madrid to do our bit for the environment. As a result, instead of just bringing along our tablets, laptops and mobile phones–we brought our shovels and gardening gloves too!
Team Microsoft planting trees

Mascha Driessen planting trees in Madrid

A total of 65 teammates from all over the continent took time out of the office to plant around 150 trees in the Spanish capital. It was so much fun to make new memories as a group by doing something so positive for the environment. This is just one small way Microsoft is contributing to a more sustainable future. 

Did you know…

  • Our Continental Europe team:
  • Speaks 18 languages
  • Is made up of 12 different nationalities
  • Works from nine different offices, where they all engage with customers in order to plant trees on their behalf

Team Microsoft planting trees in Madrid

Find out more information about our 250,000-tree planting goal.