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Introducing English ads in France and Germany

As part of our journey to help you further expand your global reach through language targeting, we’re excited to announce the enablement of languages in two markets: English ads displaying in France and Germany, starting next week on May 30.
This means that if you’re targeting English-speaking searchers in France and Germany in your campaigns, your English-languages ads will now be eligible to serve and you should start seeing some impressions in those markets. You can find the full list of the markets where your ad language can serve on our help page.

What does this mean for my campaigns?

There isn’t a direct change to the Bing Ads experience, so no work is required on your end to enable these new settings. But there are a few things you should know:
  • In the ad group settings, you can choose the language of the sites that you’d like your ads to appear on. If you’re targeting English-speaking searchers in France and Germany in these ad groups, you can expect to start seeing additional impressions and spend with this new enablement.
  • This update is only for English ads in France and Germany, French or German ads still won’t serve in the UK.
  • All new demand was processed immediately when the languages were first enabled at the end of May. Now, as of August 1st, all existing demand has been processed as well.
  • You may want to look into adjusting your bids in these markets, as most of the English demand would be targeting worldwide or select countries like the United Kingdom.
  • In terms of importing campaigns, if you have duplicate campaigns with similar keywords and French or German as the campaign language, you may want to make adjustments to better track keyword performance.
  • Traffic for this language enablement has been ramped up gradually, so assess the performance of your English ads in these markets accordingly.
We’re offering English in France and Germany first based on demand, but other language-market combinations will be coming soon! Remember to see our help page for the most up-to-date list of the markets where your ad languages will serve.
This is just one phase of many on our road to full language parity, so please check back for updates! Stay tuned for more announcements on how we’re helping you broaden your audience reach, including new language-market combinations and multiple language targeting at the campaign level.

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