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COVID-19: Consumer trends and insights for Europe

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We are pleased to share our latest insights into consumer behavioural shifts during the COVID-19 pandemic across Europe. These findings provide insights into consumers’ lives, what is important to them and what is not. Understanding your audience better helps you as advertisers to make more informed decisions about how to adapt your marketing strategies in the most effective way. 
Please take a look at the information below and consider the following strategies as an immediate action: 

  • Check and expand your keyword portfolio for growing categories 
  • Try forming new copy to connect with these changing behaviours, and show empathy toward the current situation to create new or maintain existing brand loyalty with customers 

Isolated life 

In Germany, following the announcement of the lockdown, online pharmacy searches increased by 280%, possibly indicating that consumers are using online pharmacies for the first time. In addition, with people continuing to stay at home, a lot more time is being spent on cleaning and making the house more liveable. Across the UK, France and Germany, we see a steep increase in cleaning products, most notably pressure washers–the highest growth rate was recorded in France, with a 148% rise week-on-week. Also, heating and ventilation products, as well as fridge/freezers, are seeing a steep incline, indicating that consumers are creating more habitable and comfortable home environments, and are stocking up on food supplies. 
Health and fitness related searches continue to grow week-on-week in Germany and France across all categories, however, weight training searches are skyrocketing.   
Retail – Pharmacies, Germany 
Retail – Home Appliances, UK, France and Germany 
Health and fitness - France  and Germany 

New financial realities 

Following on from last week's German Insurance report, we have investigated the same categories for the Netherlands. Health insurance and legal protection related searches have both grown by 49% and 78% respectively over the last four weeks, which may be potentially linked to the uncertainty of COVID-19. 
Finance – Insurance, Netherlands

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