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Denise Scheel

Global Experiential Lead, Microsoft Advertising

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Microsoft Advertising Partner Awards, congratulations to our winners logo.

Microsoft Advertising Partner Awards Europe winners

In honour of the powerful partners who continue to lean in with Microsoft Advertising to help drive their clients’ success, we’re delighted to announce the winners of this year’s Microsoft Advertising Partner Awards that took place on February 10, 2022.

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Microsoft Advertising Partner Awards, finalists are announced.

Microsoft Advertising Partner Awards: Europe finalists

In celebration of the powerful partners who help make Microsoft Advertising successful, we’re delighted to announce the finalists for this year’s Microsoft Advertising Partner Awards in Europe.

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DMEXCO explores key digital business trends for 2021 and beyond

One of Europe’s biggest virtual industry events, DMEXCO 2021, is over! Microsoft Advertising is delighted to have been part of what were two full days of learning and exceptional insights into the current priorities and trends of the digital business world.

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How truthful is your brand?

Transparency is the value most demanded by consumers, and it can be fundamental to driving purchases and loyalty. Learn why brands need to prioritise consumer values, like authenticity, to adapt to modern consumer sentiment to achieve success.

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