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Responsive search ads make creating ads easier by eliminating the need to figure out which headlines and descriptions work well together. You provide up to 15 headlines and 4 descriptions, and using these, Microsoft Advertising will optimize the ad copy to create most effective ads for potential customers.

Analyzing ad performance to determine which ads perform best is also taken care of with responsive search ads. The best performing ad combinations are automatically identified and reported to you, while the ineffective ads aren’t shown again. Adapting your ad’s content to match what potential customers are searching for can help to improve your campaign’s performance.
Customize your ad content with a more flexible ad experience.

Why use Responsive Search Ads?

  • Show the right message at the right time
    Your ad copy is optimized to be the most relevant to what someone is search for, when they search for it.
  • Reduce bulky operations and save time
    Save time and effort evaluating ads through A/B tests, and automatically determine what creative content works best with different queries.
  • Increase engagement metrics
    Responsive Search Ads can help you achieve higher conversion rates (CVRs) and lower cost per acquisition (CPAs) due to improved ad space and effectiveness.


Snapshot of the steps needed to create Responsive Search Ads. 

Best practices for responsive search ads

  • Create responsive search ads in existing ad groups. For optimal performance, we recommend having 2-3 text ads and 1 responsive text ad in an ad group. Please note that there is a limit of 3 enabled responsive search ads per ad group.
  • Provide as many assets as possible. Aim to provide at least 8-10 distinct headlines that don’t contain similar phrases. Use a combination of short and long headlines to maximize space on any device. Create titles that are related to your keywords and use at least 1 brand title. Use a single dynamic keyword insertion.
  • Make content distinct. Avoid repetitive language and create distinct descriptions. Include additional product or service benefits and features. Include a clear call-to-action for customers. Include shipping and return information.
  • Avoid pinning headlines or descriptions, if possible. Pinning restricts the number of header or descriptions combinations to match a customer's search.
  • Combine auto-bidding to optimize your target metrics.

Visit our help page for additional information on this feature, setup, or common questions.
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