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Unleash the power of programmatic advertising with Microsoft audiences in Invest

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Reach predefined segments of highly engaged users, exclusively available in Microsoft Invest

Every advertiser wants to drive personalised engagement with their customers by implementing a smart digital ad strategy that leads to business results. The question is—How do you reach interested audiences efficiently and at scale, and achieve better outcomes?

Starting today, with Microsoft audiences in Invest, you can reach highly engaged Microsoft users programmatically with all the customisation you need to achieve your specific business goals.

Microsoft owns a unique set of assets, including our search engine Bing, our browser Edge, and other proprietary solutions that offer privacy-safe consumer data sets from powerful data signals.

With Microsoft demographic and in-market audiences available in Invest, you’ll now be able to reach more than one billion people who use Microsoft's consumer web services and leverage the power of search intent to improve the performance of your campaigns. Over 900 in-market audiences in more than 30 categories will be available globally for targeting in Microsoft Invest, powered by Xandr.

With this release, we’re unlocking global audiences that were not previously available programmatically, which means net new, scalable audiences to complement and extend your existing audience strategy.

Build a customised, omnichannel media strategy

We’re empowering you to customise your audience strategy in Microsoft Invest to achieve your unique business goals.

Layer your own data or other segments from our data marketplace, on top of the Microsoft audience segments, to achieve your specific campaign outcomes.

With Microsoft inventory directly accessible on our platform, Invest is now the only demand-side platform (DSP) enabling you to target the Microsoft audience across our properties, including Microsoft Start, Microsoft 365, Outlook, and Casual Games.

Engage users at scale by advertising across our omnichannel marketplace, with direct access to premium supply and unique deals from 1500+ publisher partners. Moreover, our proprietary ID graph allows you to extend reach across even more screens and devices.

Microsoft Invest also offers advanced buying features such as splits, custom algorithms, as well as tracking, measurement, and in-house attribution solutions to maximise the performance of these valuable audiences.

A strong performer in Forrester’s Omnichannel Demand-Side Platforms report

Forrester listed Microsoft Invest as a Strong Performer in its latest Forrester Wave™: Omnichannel Demand-Side Platforms report. Forrester’s evaluation concluded that our platform “offers robust tools” as well as “differentiated CTV, gaming, native, and audio supply;” and that our “differentiated […] supply, when combined with Microsoft Advertising’s audiences, is unique among the competitive set.”

In particular, Invest received the highest possible score in the Strategy category in the Innovation and Roadmap criteria; as well as in the Current Offering category in the criteria of Programmatic media buying for CTV and Other (audio, video, games, native), and Commerce media networks.

The combination of Invest with Microsoft audiences is very exciting. Both because of the unique targeting opportunity that’s available today, and what it illustrates for the future of our programmatic solutions. We’re bringing the best of Microsoft’s assets and platforms together to create value for advertisers—and this is only the beginning.


Join us as we open new advertising possibilities

If you’re looking to reach exclusive, valuable audiences with advanced customisation to achieve your business goals, get in touch with us today to get started with Microsoft Invest.

And if you’d like to reach Microsoft audiences across our full portfolio with hands-on optimisation support, you can also buy Microsoft audiences in Audience Ads.