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Spreets Reach Deal Seekers with Bing

Over the last 12 months, Spreets has worked with their digital marketing agency, Nimbull Digital Marketing, to aggressively scale into channels beyond Google AdWords.

Their primary aim is to connect shoppers with the best deals from around the web – aggregating deals from over 50 partner websites. With highly seasonal categories including Travel & Activities, Spreets uses SEM to consistently meet deal seeker demand as their shopping patterns change throughout the year.

Many channels were deployed through the year, including Facebook Ads to gain subscribers and promote burst co-op competitions, right down to Performance Display on DSPs across prospecting and remarketing campaigns on scores of ad exchanges.

More Conversions, Less Effort

Bing was included in the latter half of 2014, and produced some amazing results.

Nimbull’s Digital Marketing Director, Michael Verghios, suggested the channel to Spreets primarily because:       

  1. Bing’s offering in the Australian market has solidified over the year, with great account service from the Microsoft North Ryde office.
  2. Popularity has improved. There are now 5.56 million unique monthly searchers in Australia on Microsoft’s Bing Search Engine.
  3. Microsoft has poured a lot of money into Bing Ads parity with Google AdWords. This makes Bing a high impact, low maintenance channel.

Campaign management could not be any simpler. Simply enter your Google accounts username and password, and you can simply import the existing account structure into the Bing interface and get started straight away.

The Bing Ads interface mimics all of Google's favourite features - from Search Query Reports, Sitelink extensions, and the newest addition, the Auctions Insights report.

In its initial 18 day period, BING achieved the following results:

-       33% lower CPA than Google.

-       47% lower AVG CPC than Google.

Owen Reynolds, Marketing Manager for Spreets believes its only early days - “We look forward to exploring more opportunities with Bing throughout 2015, including advanced custom features like demographic bidding.”