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Case study

MoneySuperMarket drives a +25% increase in revenue by focusing on digital maturity with Microsoft Advertising

February 29, 2024

The goal

MoneySuperMarket, one of the leading price comparison websites, is on a continuous mission to save Britain money. In 2023 the team saved customers over £1 Billion in the UK. The efficient spending ethos at the heart of MoneySuperMarket is also reflected in the team’s overall marketing approach. That’s why MoneySuperMarket focused on their Microsoft Advertising setup in 2023, raising the digital maturity of all accounts to hit business targets while maximizing ad spend.

The solution

The marketing team adopted a sprint approach to drive scaled improvement across priority areas of digital maturity: Measurement, Targeting, Bidding and Ads. The same updates were applied to all 16 accounts and business verticals, resulting in refined and consistent account structure plus increased Broad Match, DSA, RSA and Multi-Media Ads adoption. Location targeting and budget distribution were also revised to increase visibility in higher performing campaigns.

What a great way to end the year. A huge effort from both the MoneySuperMarket and Microsoft Advertising teams has given us a strong foundation to build on heading into 2024. Exciting plans ahead!

— Rachel Harris, Performance Media Manager

The results

This sprint on high impact areas delivered impressive results. Digital maturity increased by +1.5 points over 4 months making the team finance industry leaders across all 4 selected Microsoft maturity pillars. Business impact was significant too. The team saw incremental gains in primary KPIs—+25% Revenue and +8pp Margin, respectively. With plans to leverage Microsoft Advertising AI and audience intelligence data in 2024, MoneySuperMarket looks forward to driving further efficiency and long-term growth.

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