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Case study

How Pegasus achieved an 86% increase in revenue with Microsoft’s Dynamic Search Ads

January 30, 2024
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​​The goal​

Pegasus is a trailblazing brand. As Turkey's leading low-cost airline, it flies to 134 destinations in 50 countries and continues to grow. Pegasus is also one of the first brands in the Republic of Türkiye to explore Microsoft Advertising.

And when it came to customer acquisition, Pegasus wanted to reach for the stars, going beyond the Republic of Türkiye to connect with customers in other countries such as Germany and France. To ensure it took off, the brand knew it had to assess its status.

The solution

After performing a keyword audit, Pegasus identified improvement areas and new business opportunities. With consumer behavior and demographics varying across platforms, Pegasus leveraged Dynamic Search Ads to create an incremental conversion area, boosting its advertising campaign success rates. The Pegasus advertising team tailored campaigns to target the identified high-conversion segments—experimenting with ad copy, bidding strategies, and landing pages to resonate better with its audiences. Automated bidding helped maximize conversions and revenue.

We believe that the proactive recommendations by InMobi and Microsoft Advertising and their rapid implementation of keyword optimizations and revised bidding strategies helped us achieve our expected ROAS.

— Bilgegül Beyaz Göker, Digital Channels Performance Marketing Senior Specialist, Pegasus
— Umut Toka, Director, Hype

The results

Pegasus has achieved significant growth. With Dynamic Search Ads Pegasus has seen a substantial increase of 48% in new customers and user engagement has also improved with a 54% rise in sessions. Strategic advertising efforts have yielded an 8% higher return on ads spend (ROAS) than the set target. This success is further reflected in ticket sales, which have grown by 22%. The most exciting achievement, however, is an 86% increase in revenue.

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