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Case study

How Bambelo increased conversions by 400% with Audience ads

February 14, 2024
Three male engineers investigating a solar panel.

The goal

Whether it’s a painter, gardener, real estate agent, or solar panel installer, with Bambelo, consumers can find and compare free quotes from professionals in their area. And professional service providers can easily find new consumers through the Bambelo platform. Microsoft ads were already producing great search results for Bambelo. So, the team wanted to level-up and take their ad strategy further. The goal was to expand reach and drive more conversions. That’s why Bambelo started running Audience ads.

The solution

To boost performance through Audience ads, Bambelo decided to:

  • Focus on the best-performing publishers.
  • Tailor their ads for mobile or desktop devices.
  • Leverage automation with tCPA bidding.
  • Add 'Predictive Targeting' as an audience.

The results were a game-changer, as Bambelo had never seen such consistent stream of conversions from any other display and native offerings.

Within one year, we managed to quadruple the conversions we got from Audience ads, to the point where this Microsoft channel became equally as important as Search for us.

— Jesper van Nijnatten, Performance Specialist, Bambelo

The results

The Audience ads results were outstanding. Bambelo increased conversions by 400% in just one year. And today, Bambelo currently receives about half of their conversions directly from running Audience ads.

With tCPA bidding, Bambelo unlocked the power of automation to save time and effort by reducing manual optimization work, doubling their conversions per campaign, and maintaining a steady return on ad spend (ROAS).

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