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Case study

The road to rave results: How GroupM powered a Continental Tires campaign with real-time audience intelligence

November 28, 2023

​​The goal​

​​In a pilot approach, GroupM Germany partnered with Microsoft Advertising as first agency group in the EMEA region to efficiently target in-market audiences for GroupM agency EssenceMediacom’s client Continental.

The goal was to identify and target consumers actively researching and ready to buy new tires for the spring 2023 changing season. The effective addressing of relevant users only is the vital requirement to maximize campaign efficiency and drive performance outcomes.

​​The solution​

​​​​Microsoft Invest DSP audience insights empowered GroupM to achieve accurate audience segmentation and precise targeting. By leveraging in-market audiences revolving around autos, vehicles, tires, and parts & accessories, people with strong intent to search for and buy tires were reached via cross-screen data signals.

​How were the intent signals identified? Billions of data points across Microsoft properties—from Bing search data to interactions on Microsoft solutions—amplified campaign reach and provided real-time insights into consumer behavior.​

We’re very pleased to have been part of the pilot project—made possible by the good cooperation with the agency EssenceMediacom and the digital powerhouse behind it: GroupM Nexus. We’re very satisfied with the approach and results of the campaign.

— Mark Schmitt, Head of Brand Communication, Tires Replacement Continental Germany

The results

​​The innovative Continental Tires campaign shows outstanding results. A 91.5% completion rate reveals remarkable consumer engagement. The high viewability rate of 75.3% proves ads were precisely delivered to the intended audience, cross-device, and across all ad formats and targeted segments.

​These trail breaking outcomes exceeded GroupM’s internal Performance and Branding KPIs benchmark metrics. Thanks to Microsoft’s unique audience intelligence, GroupM showcases the impact of signal-based programmatic audience targeting, leveraging Continental’s campaign to new heights.

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