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Case study

Castlery enhances lead quality with search advertising

July 07, 2023
The Castlery logo.

Making lovable homes

Castlery—a homegrown brand in Singapore known for its high-quality, modern furniture—has increased its international footprint by expanding to new markets like Australia and the US. The brand strives to turn the tables within the industry by making high-end furniture accessible.

The upgrade to Microsoft Advertising helped us expand our user base while reducing our advertising costs by 32% compared to other search partners. Not only did we build an engine of growth, but we also got exposure to consistent, quality leads with a higher probability of converting. Leveraging features such as Shopping Campaigns and Dynamic Remarketing doubled the impact and cemented our bottom-line.

— Heng Ching Ying, Performance Manager, Castlery

Deriving value with Microsoft Advertising

Multimedia ad on search engine results page.

Shopping ads on search engine results page.

Castlery aimed to remodel its search strategy—in order to drive quality conversions, the brand needed to reach high-intent audiences to improve overall search efficiency, increase user acquisition, and gain on return on ad spends (ROAS). With the intent to expand to new regions, Castlery launched a campaign targeting Australia and the US, in addition to Singapore.

Castlery collaborated with InMobi to leverage Microsoft Advertising’s powerful retail advertising features, such as:

  • Shopping Campaigns that put searchers closer to a purchase decision through visually engaging product ads.
  • Microsoft Audience Network, a premium native advertising solution that helps reach high-value audiences.
  • Dynamic Remarketing, which shows tailored ads to users with a previous purchase history and affinity towards the furniture category, thereby delivering a strong impact through a refined reach.

With Dynamic Remarketing and shopping ads, Castlery saw a 2x ROAS in Singapore. Compared to other search advertising partners, Castlery’s campaign gained a 2x conversion rate in Singapore, and ROAS peaked by 213% in Singapore and 18% in Australia. In the US, the campaign saw a 2x click-through rate (CTR) in comparison to other search advertising partners.

Building an efficient engine for user acquisition

Text ads on search engine results page.

As part of the user acquisition strategy, Microsoft Advertising helped Castlery maintain a user base with a well-balanced blend of new users and existing leads. The engagement rate increased as the high-intent audience engaged with the ads, resulting in a 116% increase in the CTR in the US, and a 64% uptick in Singapore.

With the addition of Bing to its search strategy, Castlery increased its new user base Month-over-Month (MoM) by 18.3% in the US, 9% in Singapore, and 9.1% in Australia. The overall user base grew MoM by 50% in Singapore, 18.3% in the US and 9.1% in Australia.1

It was amazing to discover the unlimited possibilities Microsoft Advertising offers. With the search advertising campaign on Microsoft Advertising, we could reach niche audiences from Southeast Asia (SEA) and strengthen our position as the local market leader. Not only did we grow in SEA, but this association also helped us scale into new markets such as the US and Australia.

— Alvin Lai, Senior Performance Specialist, Castlery

Explore a summary

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[1] Growth in new users and overall users calculated from June to August 2022.

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