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Blog post

Preview our new first-party product feedback platform

October 28, 2021

Microsoft Advertising is moving to a new first-party customer feedback platform. We invite you to explore the preview.

What you can expect

  • You can submit new feedback, vote and comment on existing feedback, and track responses from the Microsoft engineering teams.
  • Feedback shared via the previous system (UserVoice) is now on new platform if it received votes or comments within the last 24 months, or more than 50 votes overall.
  • Three feedback forums along with several categories will help us organize and triage feedback to the right engineering teams.

How to share feedback with Microsoft Advertising

Continued focus on your feedback

Our commitment to listening and acting on your feedback has never been stronger. We welcome your comments any time, on whichever format you prefer. We’ll route it to the most relevant engineering teams for their consideration and action.

As always, aim is to empower marketers to achieve more. Thanks to everyone for sharing feedback over the years to help us realize that goal.

Microsoft Advertising Team


  • Aaron Lauper


    Aaron Lauper

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