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Reach shoppers with health-related New Year’s resolutions

November 29, 2022
Woman sitting on a yoga mat interacting with a tablet.

The start of a new year is a time for everyone to act upon any new resolutions they made to change their behaviors for the better. According to a global study ran by Opeepl, 6 out of 10 consumers said they made at least one New Year’s resolution in 2022. Of those who didn’t make a resolution, almost half (49%) of them still changed their behavior in some way in the beginning of the year.1 This same study found that the most popular resolution for people is to get healthier, which is often done through either diet or exercise (or both).1

That’s why Microsoft Advertising Insights looked at upcoming Health trends and is here to give you the scoop for you to leverage New Year online activity and prepare your December campaigns for success.

1. Target users searching for healthy, nutritious food options in January with In-market Audiences. Our internal forecasting data suggests that clicks will peak during the winter on January 142 , so although you should ramp up your budget after the holidays end, make sure you don’t run out midway through the month.

Expect clicks for Organic Food to peak during the second week of January.

2. Use Shopping Campaigns to showcase your Sports and Fitness Apparel products late November and early December during holiday shopping sales. Microsoft internal data estimates that consumers will be most heavily searching for gear between the weeks of November 26 and December 3, but activity will remain high until January.2

Forecast of Apparel searches for November and December 2022.

3. Complement your search strategy by activating Audience Ads on the Microsoft Audience Network. Using 2021 data as a comparison for what to expect activity wise over the next year, we can assume clicks for Fitness & Nutrition will peak in January, May, July, and October.2 Consider an always-on approach since Audience Ads are shown to drive users down the funnel to search tactics.2

2021 data for Fitness & Nutrition clicks in the Microsoft Audience Network.

[1] Opeepl, New Year’s Resolutions and Lifestyle Reflections. Date information pulled: 11/15. Retrieved from: New Year's Resolutions & Lifestyle Reflections | Opeepl
[2] Insights, Microsoft Advertising Insights search data 2021-2023 (forecasting). Date information pulled: 11/14/2022.


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