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Insights Navigator: Transforming our operations with generative AI

March 12, 2024
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At Microsoft Advertising, we’re always on a mission to better serve our customers. That’s why we’ve recently invested a lot of our time and resources into generative AI to transform our operations. Not only are we developers of generative AI solutions, but we’re also experimenting with the latest technologies in-house to test, learn, and increase our efficiency and effectiveness.

In the rapidly evolving technological landscape, generative AI has become a recent driver of innovation for organizations of all sizes and industries. Here at Microsoft Advertising, we’re utilizing generative AI to not only enhance the quality of our products, but also elevate the level of service we deliver to our customers.

Our latest internal innovation, Insights Navigator, is our first sales enablement tool with generative AI at its core. In this blog post, we’ll take you on a journey in discovering just how this new addition is propelling the Microsoft Advertising team toward new heights of efficiency, creativity, and customer satisfaction.

What exactly is Insights Navigator?

Campaign insights and analytics play a pivotal role in today’s world of online advertising, providing advertisers with invaluable real-time performance updates and actionable data.

By closely monitoring metrics such as click-through rates or conversions, advertisers gain crucial knowledge into the effectiveness of their campaigns. These insights enable them to make informed decisions on the fly, optimizing ad placements, messaging, and targeting to maximize return on investment (ROI). What’s more, they give advertisers the ability to adapt and refine their brand strategy for future initiatives.

Knowing how important these analytics are for their campaigns, Microsoft Advertising wanted to see how we could streamline our internal process of getting these insights into the hands of our clients. Alas, Insights Navigator was born. This exciting new update is Microsoft Advertising’s first step in using generative AI to help deliver high quality insights to clients.

Insights Navigator uses cutting-edge technology to empower our sales professionals and enable our clients to achieve their campaign goals. With the simplicity and ease of a quick ping on Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Advertising sales and service teams can select from the following options: Category Insights or Query Insights.

Category Insights unveils online behavior trends, offering a comprehensive lookback into marketplace dynamics on the Microsoft Advertising Network. Query Insights, on the other hand, provides a deep dive into the top queries consumers are actively searching for across our expansive network.

The power of these datasets ensures our teams and, ultimately, our clients are armed with up-to-date analyses on the dynamic and ever-changing digital marketplace.

How does it help our customers?

Insights Navigator has become a catalyst for change, equipped with more sophisticated and actionable insights that were previously only attainable via dedicated analysts.

When Microsoft Advertising sales and service team generate a request through Insights Navigator, they can expect to receive a comprehensive Power BI report in their inbox within minutes. Our clients, in turn, benefit from an expedited and more seamless experience through our valuable on-demand insights at unprecedented speeds.

This not only accelerates response times but also opens a realm of new opportunities, allowing clients to create and optimize campaigns quickly and capitalize on marketplace and consumer behavior trends for improved performance. By continuing to invest in tools like Insights Navigator, we’re seeing a direct translation into elevated service opportunities for our clients.

Why is generative AI the future of Microsoft Advertising?

With Insights Navigator, we can now discover the key performance data driving fluctuations in online performance at record speeds. However, this is merely a prelude to what lies ahead. Our vision for the future takes the core capabilities of Insights Navigator and extends them into “smart narratives,” which will provide even more context beyond the insights.

With smart narratives, generative AI will be able to not only provide the data itself, but also provide generated summaries, callouts, and talking points that unveil the underlying data’s significance and insights that will help advertisers further elevate their campaign outcomes with Microsoft Advertising.

We’re focused on enabling everyone within the advertising ecosystem to accomplish more, leveraging innovations like generative AI. Insights Navigator exemplifies how generative AI is revolutionizing our operations within Microsoft Advertising and unlocking greater opportunities for advertisers outside of our walls.

We look forward to bringing you more stories on how we’re putting the power of this technology to work for our own team as well as our clients and partners.

Next steps for our Microsoft Advertising representatives

Currently, Insights Navigator is an internal-only tool available to Microsoft Advertising representatives to share insights with managed customers, as we explore the potential it holds for our clients.


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