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Putting our assets to work for publishers and advertisers

June 18, 2023
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We’ve been on a journey at Microsoft Advertising to transform our business. Over the past few years, our strategic acquisitions and exclusive partnerships have set the stage for a fundamental shift in how we empower our clients and the industry. Today we’re announcing upcoming changes to the names of some of our platforms, including what these changes represent.

Recently, we've had some significant developments in our story at Microsoft Advertising. By welcoming PromoteIQ, a retail media solution, in 2019 and Xandr, formerly Appnexus, in 2022 to Microsoft Advertising, we accelerated our solutions for the global digital advertising marketplace. These were quickly followed by exclusive partnerships with entertainment giants Netflix and Roku, adding to previous alliances with brands like Yahoo. This signaled a new era of collaboration with consumer relevance at its heart.

During these past few years, our vision and commitment has remained consistent: To create a future that’s designed to meet the evolving needs of the ecosystem–advertisers, partners, and consumers. We’re focused on providing breakthrough advertising solutions, publisher monetization capabilities, and much richer consumer experiences.

Maximizing our assets for client success

Recognizing the overwhelming nature of today’s advertising landscape, we aim to offer powerful solutions made possible by Microsoft’s evolving technology and scale. Beyond search advertising, we now provide an end-to-end solution encompassing search, display, native, retail media, video, and Connected TV (CTV) with offerings in nearly 190 countries around the world. To better meet the needs of our clients and help unlock new potential, we’re bringing together the power of a search engine, news distribution, operating system, business network, browser, and gaming platform combined with a supply-side platform for publishers, a demand-side platform for advertisers, and a retail media stack.

This strategic expansion has propelled our business to new heights. This year, advertising across Microsoft reached an $18 billion milestone, inclusive of our search, news, and LinkedIn and we continue to grow.

Unifying our offer under the Microsoft brand

Unifying our solutions to improve client effectiveness is a critical aspect of our strategy. That’s why we’re finding new ways to create value through solutions that bridge the gaps between our platforms. We’re already starting to do this today with the launch of PromoteIQ Offsite and the Microsoft Retail Advertising Network earlier this year. Yet, as we continue to innovate, our clients are having to navigate the complexity of the fragmented naming of our platforms as they exist today.

To better align with this strategic direction, we’ll be making the following name changes:

  • PromoteIQ will become Microsoft Retail Media.
  • Xandr’s solutions will become Microsoft Monetize, Microsoft Invest, and Microsoft Curate.1

You’ll start to see these updates rollout during this calendar year. Nothing will change initially when it comes to the value and selling processes that these platforms currently deliver to you, such as ad campaigns, retail media programs, or website monetization services. The naming evolution, however, will simplify how we speak to the value of new platform offers and signifies our focus on bringing new value to market that spans our portfolio of platforms we offer today.

Reimagining advertising with generative AI

Earlier this year, we unveiled our vision for the future of the web with generative artificial intelligence (AI) and the new Bing. This pivotal moment sparked a conversation that promises remarkable advancements in the industry. The overwhelmingly positive feedback solidified our belief that it’s a new day for search.

We’re not stopping there. Our commitment to innovation drives us to continually evolve our technology. Integrating generative AI directly into our advertising platforms and enhancing consumer enjoyment are just some of the developments on the horizon. Across our platforms, we see tremendous opportunity to rethink traditional ad experiences to support a broad set of advertising objectives, to automate the creation of campaign assets and experiences at a scale and scope previously not possible, and to deliver campaign management efficiencies that not only improve campaign return on investment (ROI) but also the return on time spent.

Join on this new day of exciting possibilities

This is just the beginning. We’re committed to rapid innovations and building new capabilities across our technology solutions that create even richer connections between buyers and sellers and empower all parties to unlock their full growth potential.

Help us improve Microsoft Advertising

Your comments and feedback are integral to shape and improve our product. You can use the Microsoft Advertising Feedback portal, in-product feedback, Twitter, or Instagram, and as always, contact Support.

[1] Powered by Xandr


  • Jennifer Creegan


    Jennifer Creegan

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