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Microsoft Advertising Partners: Here’s what’s coming in 2022

January 12, 2022
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2021 has truly been a year of innovation, renewal, and steadfast dedication. While businesses across the globe have been recovering, rebuilding, and adapting to the new normal, our highly valued partners have been committed to helping their customers grow through Microsoft Advertising and finding new ways to reach further. We’re proud of their resilience and proud to continue to stand by them every step of the way. We strive to help our partners grow their business, engage in partner-exclusive learning initiatives, and recognize their hard work and success. We can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together in 2022!

We’re expanding

As Microsoft Advertising expands into new markets, the Microsoft Advertising Partner Program is excited to invite agencies from 4 of the 29 new markets launching in 2022: The Czech Republic, Poland, Portugal, and South Africa will be joining the Partner Program at the Partner tier. With this addition, there will be 26 countries eligible to join, grow, and succeed with the Partner Program. We look forward to meeting and strengthening our relationships with our newly eligible and highly valued partners, as well as expanding opportunities into these regions.

Open enrollment for the Microsoft Advertising Partner Program has begun!

Open enrollment for the Select and Elite tiers of the Microsoft Advertising Partner Program will run from January through March. The opportunity to enroll at the Partner tier and begin unlocking benefits will remain available year-round.

If you're ready to enroll but aren't sure what tier you qualify for, reach out to Microsoft Advertising support or your Microsoft Advertising representative.

  • Agencies can also apply for the Partner Program on our partner website.
  • Net-new Channel Partners can join the program in conjunction with the Channel Partner master terms and conditions, and their addendum. Reach out to your Microsoft Advertising contact or Microsoft Advertising support for more information.
  • If you’re a Supply Partner interested in the Partner Program, reach out to your Microsoft Advertising contact.
  • Technology Partners can only join the Partner Program by invitation at this time. To learn more about joining as a Technology Partner, reach out to Microsoft Advertising support for more information.

The Microsoft Advertising Partner Program tiers are determined by level of investment in Microsoft Advertising, in addition to other requirements. Your Partner Program tier will remain for a calendar year and will be evaluated every December to take effect January 1.

Given the continued business disruption caused by COVID-19 this year, Microsoft Advertising has made the decision to maintain partner status for the 2022 program cycle for all existing partners who’ve met at least 50% of their tier threshold during the 2021 calendar year. Partners will maintain their tier status and benefits for the entire program cycle that runs from January 1 to December 31, 2022. We're committed to helping partners through this difficult time, supporting their future growth, and celebrating their successes. Existing partners will receive a communication later this month to confirm partner status and benefits for 2022.

We continue to invest strategically to deliver resources, tools, and opportunities to meet our partners’ needs for continued and steady growth in the continually changing advertising landscape. We’re here to help plan a path for continued recovery and growth that could enable partners to reach a higher tier by 2023.

Partner virtual events and recognition

Our exclusive partner events are some of the most anticipated benefits we offer to our enrolled partners:

  • Elevate
    • One of the most valued benefits for our Elite and Select partners is the opportunity to attend the Microsoft Advertising annual partner event, Elevate. Elevate will take place virtually this year on Wednesday, April 27, allowing all our global partners to join us for this important event. Save the date and look for more information in early 2022.
  • Regional Partner Awards
    • The Microsoft Advertising Partner Awards celebrate our Elite and Select partners for the incredible work they’ve done in 2021 across a number of categories in the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific. This year we introduced the Social Impact Awards, a sub-category that features our partners’ inspiring solutions and celebrates changemakers who drive purpose and action. Elite and Select tier members are all invited to join the virtual Regional Partner Awards on February 10, where we’ll announce the winners with all the celebration and recognition they’ve come to expect. (Nominations for Our Partner Celebration is a bi-annual recognition program for our Partner tier members, acknowledging and rewarding outstanding, creative, effective, and passionate work by our search advertising partners working with Microsoft Advertising. This program is available to partners across the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Germany, and the Netherlands regions.our 2021 year’s awards are now closed and winners will be announced in February).
  • Partner Celebration
    • Our Partner Celebration is a bi-annual recognition program for our Partner tier members, acknowledging and rewarding outstanding, creative, effective, and passionate work by our search advertising partners working with Microsoft Advertising. This program is available to partners across the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Germany, and the Netherlands regions.
  • Activate
    • Activate was created to address the needs and opportunities of our small- or medium-size business partners. It provides an opportunity for partners to hear directly from Microsoft executives and subject matter experts as they provide industry insights on current consumer trends, product expertise on how to adapt to recent changes, and a sneak peek into future Microsoft Advertising offerings. Be sure to tune in to Activate on Wednesday, May 18.

Partner Sweepstakes and learning opportunities

Throughout the year, our Partner Program benefits include several investments in the ongoing learning and development of our partners to support them in the increasingly fast-paced digital age.

  • Thought Leadership Series
    • In 2021 we introduced the Thought Leadership Series for our Elite partners. This series focuses on topics that drive knowledge and change to bring value to our partners’ business.
  • Personal Development Series
    • After a successful pilot in 2021, we're also proud to offer a new Personal Development Series to our benefit line-up for all partner tiers in 2022. This new program focuses on valuable professional development topics that drive individual growth, both within and outside of the digital marketing field.
  • Microsoft Advertising Sweepstakes and Contest
    • We're pleased to expand our annual exclusive Partner Sweepstakes and Contest. The Sweepstakes is now available to all partner tiers in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, and Norway. The Contest is open to eligible participants in Australia, New Zealand, France, and Israel. In our 2021 Sweepstakes and Contest, Agency, Channel, Supply and Technology Partners currently enrolled in the Microsoft Advertising Partner Program had the opportunity to win exciting prizes like an Xbox Series X game console, digital gift cards, and more. We also partnered with Gifts for Good to continue Microsoft’s commitment to creating a positive impact through social change. Partners were able to make donations to a wide variety of international organizations on the Gifts for Good Donation Platform in addition to their other prizes.

Better together

Trust, transparency, and the value of partnerships have never been as important as they are today. We’re grateful for our partners’ commitment and dedication, and look forward to our continued collaboration.

As we keep moving forward together in the new year, stay connected with us and continue to leverage these resources:

  • Partner Program Community
    • Join the Microsoft Advertising Partner Program Community on LinkedIn and stay connected with our team.
  • Partner Portal
  • Partner Pulse Call
    • Join our monthly calls and get product updates and important Partner Program reminders to keep you updated on all things Microsoft Advertising.
  • Insights hub
    • Get regularly updated insights and trends to help you make informed decisions for your business.
  • Retail resources
    • Get the most out of your budget and return on ad spend this retail holiday season through industry insights, consumer trends, and actionable product information.
  • Marketing with Purpose Playbook
    • Learn how to build trust and business value with purpose-driven marketing.


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    Heidi Coffer

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