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New Baidu partnership and touchpoints to reach your customers

December 05, 2023
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We’re excited to share with you a roundup of Microsoft Advertising’s most recent updates to reach more of your customers—new advertising touchpoints arriving just in time for the holiday season. Let’s dive in:

Since our product roundup blog last month, we’ve posted key insights on how advertisers can activate travel and credit card ad campaigns in tandem to leverage symbiotic seasonality, as well as key actions for advertisers to reach 2023 holiday last minute shoppers, including a Festive Holiday Season Marketing Playbook with tips to launch your holiday campaigns. Check out these resources to ensure you’re set up for success through the rest of 2023.

This month’s top story: Microsoft Advertising partners with Baidu Global for new AI experiences

In the spirit of empowering everyone to achieve more through generative artificial intelligence (AI), our new Chat Ads API has already brought in two new partners—Snap and Axel Springer—to unlock more value for advertisers on our network.

Now, we’ve officially announced the launch of a new partnership with Baidu Global, the international AI business growth engine under the Baidu brand, a well-renowned global AI company.

Take advantage of this opportunity by making sure all your ad groups settings have “The entire Microsoft Advertising network” selected, and learn more in the blog post from a few weeks ago.

Ad distribution settings to target the entire Microsoft Advertising network.

Increase app and game downloads with Microsoft Store Ads, now available in more markets

Microsoft Store Ads offer the opportunity to reach consumers searching the Microsoft Store to increase awareness, preference, and engagement. As of last week, Microsoft Store Ads are now generally available in all global markets where product ads are available. This means that advertisers can select geographic targeting as “worldwide” or any specific country, as long as the app is available in that market.

Check out more about Microsoft Store Ads in the link above, and learn more about market availability for Microsoft Advertising features.

Reach your audience wherever they’re watching with Video and CTV campaigns—now in 20 new markets

We’ve had the ability to run a video ad campaign with Microsoft for a few months now, and as of this week you can do that in more markets than ever.

With our latest expansion, you can now run Video and Connected TV (CTV) ads in 32 markets in Americas, EMEA, and APAC. Discover the latest information and best practices on how to set up your video ads.

Additionally, if you’re interested in learning more about effectively reaching your audiences and driving performance on Video and CTV, look out for this webcast on Thursday, December 7. We’ll share tips and tricks to help you overcome video buying challenges to create highly effective and efficient Video and CTV campaigns. To secure your spot, simply RSVP here.

Manage predictive targeting in bulk on Microsoft Advertising Editor

Predictive targeting is a great way to easily find new audiences who are more likely to convert on Audience ads, and now you can manage predictive targeting in bulk across all your ad groups.

Navigate to the ad group level and add the predictive targeting column to toggle the feature On and Off across multiple ad groups at once.

Predictive targeting toggle feature within Microsoft Advertising ad settings.

Google Import now supports importing discovery and demand gen campaigns

For those leveraging Google Import to advertise with Microsoft, it’s important to know that Google Import now supports the importing of discovery and demand gen campaigns from Google Ads. If you’ve selected to import all campaigns, they will now be automatically imported, but you can also choose to import them when setting up your import.

Bing Chat is now Copilot in Bing

Lastly, starting earlier this month, Bing Chat and Bing Chat Enterprise became Copilot. We’re also expanding how users can access Copilot with, available today. It provides a dedicated chat experience and home for Copilot, while will continue to be available for users wanting a combined search and chat experience.

That’s all for now. We’ll see you back here on January 10 with our first recap of the new calendar year. Happy holidays!

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