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Curation with Xandr makes deal buying simple

December 14, 2022
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In today’s fragmented and ever-evolving advertising industry, buyers are tasked to do more with less as they face constant challenges to reach and engage with their unique target audience. Most buyers don't have the time or resources to research and vet data segments and inventory—often across multiple publishers and platforms—to achieve their campaign goals. There’s a gap between what buyers want and what they can find off-the-shelf.

What today’s buyer needs

Buyers are looking for unique, privacy-compliant audience data—like publisher first-party data or retail data—which traditionally have not been available in data marketplaces due to consumer privacy and data leakage concerns. Another challenge buyers face is finding TV viewership audiences, which is becoming increasingly important to extend campaign reach.

Historically, only a small number of device manufacturers offer TV viewership data to buyers, generally operating as walled gardens. With the shifting identity landscape, buyers are now embracing cookie-less solutions; modeling data, contextual data, and supply path optimization (SPO) offerings provide buyers with a sustainable solution to connect with consumers.

While various products and tools exist to help combat these issues, buyers need a single destination for audience and inventory solutions, providing future-proof targeting capabilities, democratizing access to in-demand data, and facilitating inventory discovery.

Curate unlocks opportunities for buyers

Curate provides an innovative and intuitive solution, by enabling data owners or curators—like retailers or marketers—to package first-party data with inventory from multiple third-party publishers. This, in turn, allows buyers to reach unique audiences at scale with a single curated deal. Curators can create customized packages that bundle valuable elements, such as audience targeting, supply management, optimization, brand safety, and measurement, all while maintaining control and flexibility.

Deal buying done right on Xandr’s Inventory Library on Invest DSP

Inventory Library provides Xandr’s Invest DSP buyers with an off-the-shelf storefront to easily find and transact deals in a simple point-and-click, turnkey fashion through a single interface.

Xandr is expanding the scope of Inventory Library to provide access to additional curated catalogs, composed of unique packages of data and inventory from select Curate partners and organized by categories—like retail media, TV viewership, search data, and more. These new curated catalogs, which will only be available on Invest DSP, will combine access to unique data and supply packages on Curate with the intuitive deal discovery and activation workflow on the Inventory Library UI. Ultimately, curators will be able to better merchandize their deals, and buyers will be able to better reach their audiences at scale.

Reach out to learn more about the evolution of the Inventory Library on Xandr's Invest DSP.

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