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Building a green partnership: Marketing with Purpose

April 19, 2023
A woman inside a greenhouse is holding a plant while looking at a laptop placed on a desk.

Earth Day is a yearly commemoration that pays tribute to the accomplishments of the environmental movement and underscores the urgency of safeguarding the Earth's natural resources for generations to come. It’s an international occasion that observes the environmental richness of our planet and emphasizes means of preserving it, while also promoting environmental consciousness, conservation, and sustainability. Annually, more than one billion individuals in over 190 countries unite in this global event to promote climate awareness and encourage responsible environmental behaviors.

Last month, we celebrated the Microsoft Advertising Partner Awards Asia Pacific, and with it awarded the Marketing with Purpose Award—a subcategory of the Social Impact Awards. This award recognizes a Partner who has demonstrated excellence in driving purpose and action across their campaigns, celebrates Partners who have used Microsoft Advertising products and features to create inspiring solutions, and a Partner that has had a positive impact on society and the environment.

The winner of the Asia Pacific Marketing with Purpose Award for 2022 is Reprise Digital. Reprise Digital showcased their innovative and effective marketing strategies that aligned with Microsoft’s mission and aligned our values together to have an impact on our planet. In honor of Earth Day, we highlight the evolution of a fantastic green partnership.

Microsoft Advertising Partner Awards Winner Reprise Digital for the Marketing with Purpose Award Asia Pacific and Microsoft Advertising Partner Awards Winner Mediabrands for the Marketing with Purpose Award Americas.

Being a force for good

Reprise Digital is a global leader in performance marketing that helps clients create and accelerate customer flow.

We believe in using our craft skills and expertise to support local communities and social causes across the Asia Pacific region. That's why we launched our Force for Good initiative, which focuses on applying our talents and resources to benefit organizations that are making a positive impact on the world.


In Australia, the Reprise Digital Force for Good Initiative partnered with Microsoft and LinkedIn to run a series of strategic collaborations, including a hackathon for Conservation Volunteers Australia, an organization that works to protect and restore the natural environment. The hackathon aimed to bring awareness and provide strategies for the #seatosource campaign, which focuses on reducing plastic pollution in waterways, and to boost corporate partnerships.

As part of the collaboration, Reprise Digital employees immersed themselves in a series of learning, hands-on collection, and recycling across major cities in Australia throughout the year—from Marketing with Purpose courses and features through to learning sessions with Microsoft’s Chief Sustainability Officer.

Force for Good initiative by Reprise Australia in partnership with Microsoft Advertising and LinkedIn.

Making a daily difference

As the partnership continues to thrive, the next area on the evolution is how can each and every employee make a daily difference. In preparation for Earth Day, and on behalf of Microsoft Advertising and Reprise Digital, we’re both thrilled to announce an Asia Pacific region first partnership with Give with Bing as a way of giving back to sustainable charities by changing their default search engines.

The Reprise and Give with Bing logos over a blue background.

Microsoft offers innovative solutions that help advertisers reach and engage their audiences across the Microsoft network. One of these solutions is Give with Bing, a feature that allows users to donate to charities of their choice by using the Bing search engine.

We’re proud to partner with Microsoft. With the recent launch of the new Bing, not only will we see the productivity and time saving gains as employees, but we’ll also be combining our collective efforts to give back to important non-profits we support.


Give with Bing is a simple and rewarding way to support the causes you care about by joining Microsoft Rewards and switching on Give Mode. The points you earn searching the web with Bing will automatically be donated to a cause that’s important to you, and in the case of Reprise Digital, together we have identified different charities to donate to that align to the Reprise company values.

Purpose is a driving force behind the strong partnership between Reprise Digital and Microsoft Advertising. It is what has inspired us to look beyond performance media and help make a positive impact on the world. This announcement is a fantastic example of how Reprise Digital is giving back to non-profits and communities, and how each of us can play our part in a sustainable future, even by searching, earning, and donating.


As our continued partnership with Reprise Digital, LinkedIn, and Microsoft Advertising we’ll be exploring additional opportunities throughout the year, aligning to sustainability.

If you’re interested in also making an impact this Earth Day, follow the lead from Reprise Digital by downloading this 1, 2, 3 guide to get started:

Note: We would like to recognize that Mediabrands also won the Americas Marketing with Purpose Award. Congratulations on being a Force for Good.

Click here to learn more about Marketing with Purpose.

To read more about the road to Net Zero, read the Microsoft Australia Report: Accelerating Your Path to a Net Zero Future.

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