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The Download, Episode 13: The Workday Consumer

April 22, 2022
The words ‘The Download: The Workday Consumer’ read over an image of a tiny shopping cart standing on top of a laptop computer.

This month’s episode is lucky number 13, and you’re in for a treat. We’re introducing new topics such as the “The Missing Middle” of the marketing funnel and the emerging trend known as the Workday Consumer. We’ll also be rebooting the Future Boutique segment as part of our Big Interview.

In this episode, you’ll enjoy all the goodness below and more:

  • Future Boutique with correspondent Alex Pepperl. This interview is with Natalie Kathleen, the founder and CEO of Jibs, a direct-to-consumer shoe brand that makes sustainable footwear sourced from Brazil. You’ll learn how Jibs was able to realize exponential growth and double-digit sales on a top retailer site by leveraging the power of PromoteIQ. For those unfamiliar, PromoteIQ is a retail solution that’s part of the broader Microsoft Advertising Network.
  • The Workday Consumer voiced over by Mareike Zollner. In this segment, we debut our brand-new commissioned research conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Microsoft Advertising. You’ll learn about what this new consumer trend means for you as a marketer, and we’ll give you three key takeaways to connect with these consumers when and where they’re shopping.
  • The Missing Middle with Theo Theodorou. This special report comes to you at a time when the marketing conversion funnel is in serious need of reevaluation. This segment will dive deeper into how you should approach the middle portion of the marketing funnel, which is anything but linear.


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