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Sheen Zheng

Sheen Zheng


Scale your retail media program with a one holistic, easy-to-use platform

We are an omnichannel platform that brings ease of doing business and creating value for retailers and advertisers, our platform is focused on simplification – with design and innovate with ease in mind. Microsoft Retail Media launched several self-service enhancements to improve productivity and performance.

May 20, 2024

Discover how to extend your high-performing PLA campaigns

PLA Extension is the first fully integrated retail media solution that allows you to serve product ads both onsite and offsite with a single budget, while automatically optimizing for the best balance of performance and reach.

April 12, 2023

Boost sales and expand brand awareness with PromoteIQ Offsite

Learn about Microsoft PromoteIQ, a holistic retail media platform that allows retailers to help their brand partners connect with shoppers during the customer journey.

January 25, 2023