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Rik van der Kooi

Rik van der Kooi


Microsoft Advertising organizational update

After more than 10 years leading Microsoft Advertising, Rik van der Kooi will be leaving his post. Rob Wilk, most recently VP, Head of Global Strategic Sales, has been announced as the new leader. The road ahead for Microsoft Advertising, our clients, and partners is exciting.

December 21, 2021

Getting the most out of your data with the Microsoft Customer Experience Platform

The Microsoft Customer Experience Platform gives you control of your customer data to personalize, automate and orchestrate along the customer decision journey. Learn how it can help you meet today's customer expectations and deliver privacy-aware, consent-enabled personalization.

November 02, 2021

PromoteIQ acquired by Microsoft

Learn about our acquisition of PromoteIQ, the leading provider of vendor marketing technology to online retailers and brands, with Microsoft Advertising Blog.

August 05, 2019