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Increase app and game downloads with Microsoft Store Ads

Microsoft Store Ads offer the opportunity to reach consumers searching the Microsoft Store to increase awareness, preference, and engagement.

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Example screenshot of the Microsoft Store on different devices.

Reach the right people with your ads

Where your ads appear: Microsoft Store Ads will appear in the Microsoft Store app on Windows within search results and the Apps and Gaming tabs.

Track what users are doing fast and easy

UET tag reporting happens automatically, you don’t need to take any action. Find out where users are seeing your app or game and what they’re doing across the install funnel.

Explore our Windows app UET software development kit (SDK) that helps you gather relevant data like how many times your app was installed and other in-app events.

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Start using Microsoft Store Ads

Enrolling in the program is easy. Submit your brand and link store products to your advertising account and set up your ad campaign.

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Frequently asked questions


Visit our help site or read some of our most frequently asked questions about our solution.

Do I need to create an account to use Microsoft Store Ads?

Yes, you’ll need to have an account to enroll in the program. If you still don’t have an account, contact sales.

What if my App or Game isn’t in the Microsoft Store yet?

You can use our Partner Center to publish your apps and games to the Microsoft Store. Find out more.

What are the UET event types I’ll have access through reporting?

The four event types across the app or game install funnel are:

  • If the user sees the app or game in search results.
  • If the user sees “Get” or “Price”.
  • If the user sees the download start.
  • If the user sees “Play” or “Open”.

Microsoft Advertising is constantly evolving and innovating. Product features are subject to change depending on product updates.