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Re:search with Bing - The Revolution of 5G

  Webcast , Tech and Telecom , Research

Discover how the growth of 5G will spark new opportunities

Webcast overview

Duration: 49 minutes
Available: On demand


The 5G revolution is here, with the power to transform how we interact with data and technology in everything from phones to gaming to personal health. Learn how 5G will change the way we work, play and live, and get tips on how to take advantage of the opportunities these changes will bring.

Join us for the Re:search with Bing – Revolution of 5G webcast to delve into the latest consumer insight and industry forecasts centered around 5G. Dar Vigil and Chris Yu, industry Analytical Leads at Microsoft Advertising, will help you understand how 5G has evolved, how it will enable rapid growth, and how to prepare for the opportunities ahead.

We'll cover several topics, including:

  • What 5G is (and why it matters).
  • Consumer trends and attitudes.
  • Examples of 5G innovation in action.
  • Future opportunities and marketing tips.
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Dar Vigil

Analytical Lead, Tech/Telco

Microsoft Advertising

Dar has worked in digital advertising for 12 years with an emphasis on performance marketing in search, native, video and display. For the last 7 years Dar has focused his efforts in the Tech & Telco vertical, interpreting data and analyzing results using statistical techniques to develop insights for his customers. Dar is very passionate about the future of tech and AI, and sees the future of 5G being more transformative than the advent of the internet.

Chris Yu

Analytical Lead, Tech/Telco

Microsoft Advertising

Chris, Analytical Lead for Microsoft Advertising, has over 13 years of experience across disciplines in CRM, digital advertising, market research, measurement and analytics. Prior to joining Microsoft, he was a VP Director in analytics at Havas Media. Chris is passionate about leveraging his understanding of data connectivity to create unique approaches to data analysis, helping advertisers better understand customer behavior to drive business and marketing strategies.

Jesse Kaler

Marketing Communications Manager

Microsoft Advertising

Jesse has a decade of experience in digital marketing working at TripAdvisor, Razorfish Ad Agency and most recently Microsoft Advertising. She thrives on turning data into insight, but even more so, enjoys sharing findings with others in a way that empowers them to learn and take action. In her role at Microsoft, Jesse leads marketing communications and content development for vertical insights and research.