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Re:search with Bing - Predict the CDJ with Linguistics

  Webcast hosted by ON24

How search signals can personalize customer engagement

Webcast overview

Duration: 54 minutes
Available: On Demand


Online searches are becoming increasingly personal. Search plays a pivotal role in the consumer decision journey, and brands can now identify a consumer’s mindset based on the language they use to search. Microsoft has joined Performics and Northwestern University to uncover the ways that search language can predict consumer intent.

Join us to learn how to understand consumers’ motivations behind search query language, and how to establish more meaningful connections with your consumers.

What you’ll learn during the Webinar:

  1. How search plays a role in the decision journey in ways you may not expect
  2. How language used in search can predict consumer intent
  3. How to apply findings to inform a personalized marketing strategy
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MJ DePalma

MJ DePalma

Sr. Global Multicultural and Inclusive Marketing Manager
Microsoft Advertising

MJ DePalma is known as a voice for optimizing business and life through spreading ideas for diversity, equity and inclusion. Her career spans 24 years in retail, sales, business development and marketing where her passion and purpose has converged into the meaningful practice of Inclusive Marketing. MJ's motto is "Learn better to know better so together we can do better."

Kelli Kemery

Kelli Kemery

Microsoft, Bing Ads

Kelli spends her days researching consumer perceptions, adoption of new tech, influences on digital marketing and how advertising influences consumer behavior and perceptions. She has been in market research for over a decade, working with brands like YouTube, Capital One, Lenovo and more before joining the Market Intelligence team.

Ines Paez

Ines Paez

Senior Strategic Planner, Planning and Insights

Ines is a member of the Intent Lab team. She has worked on creating the first Planning and Insights tool, the Intent Scoring Algorithm, which predicts consumers mindsets based on search language. She is currently co-leading the launch of this tool across her agency globally.

Burcu Agma

Burcu Agma

Group Director

Burcu is an analytical and strategic consultant specializing in uncovering consumer needs behind digital interactions and converting that intent into revenue. She partners with CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs who are seeking to uncover hidden insights to make smarter breakthroughs in the marketplace.