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Microsoft Advertising & LinkedIn: Leveraging the dynamic duo

September 2019


Duration: 55 Minutes Availability: On-demand

Webcast Overview

Batman and Robin, Holmes and Watson, Lennon and McCartney… Microsoft Advertising and LinkedIn.

Microsoft Advertising and LinkedIn have combined forces to help you mastermind a winning strategy in reaching new customers and growing your business.

Whether you’re looking to drive foot traffic, sell your products online or get that phone to ring off the hook, a comprehensive marketing strategy is absolutely paramount in getting in front of customers in a measurable and cost-effective way. Here’s where our Microsoft Advertising and LinkedIn experts can help you achieve the best results through a fast, reliable and trusted approach.

Register for this exclusive session and discover the latest digital marketing insights and strategies to reach your audience and grow your business today. Microsoft Advertising and LinkedIn will explore:
  • The 5 key stages of the customer decision journey
  • Building a compelling organic presence
  • Boosting your reach and engagement through paid advertising
  • Measuring, learning and optimizing to drive more impact
  • Even more tips and advice on standing out from the competition

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Juliana Jaoudi

Sr. Director, Marketing Solutions


Juliana is the Senior Director of Marketing Solutions at LinkedIn where she leads the North American Mid-Market, Small Business and New Business Online Sales team. Her digital advertising and marketing career spans 23 years. In 1996, she joined AOL and spent the next 10 years helping shape the consumer web experience and digital advertising. She went on to join the LA Times to help the Tribune company build a digital ad sales and marketing team. She has held consulting and board roles for The Daily Mail UK and several other consumer start-ups. Juliana is a passionate Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging ally, working closely with LinkedIn’s DIBs team on industry specific initiatives. She speaks fluent French, having worked in France for the US Embassy, KPMG and AOL. Juliana attended the University of San Diego, earning a BA in both French and International Relations. She earned an MBA at Georgetown University. She is from San Diego, California, and currently lives in NYC.

Kenneth Andrew

General Manager, SMB Sales

Microsoft Advertising

Kenneth runs the Global Small & Medium Business Sales segment working across Microsoft Advertising and the Microsoft Audience Network. His role is to deliver the revenue expectations and provide a compelling experience for SMB customers around the world. In July 2014, Kenneth was awarded the prestigious Bill Gates Founder Award from Microsoft in recognition of outstanding financial results and leadership, and he’s a member of Microsoft's Senior Leader Bench group and a member of the Microsoft Senior Leadership Experience consort. Kenneth has degrees from Northwestern University, The Wharton School, and The Kellogg School of Management.

Stephanie Worley

Content Strategist

Microsoft Advertising

Stephanie has been with Microsoft Ads for over 3 years and is currently a content strategist and producer, developing content to help address many of the key challenges and business goals and strategies for SMB advertisers. Stephanie is passionate about helping break the cycle of homelessness in the Puget Sound. She leads the Seattle Advisory Board for a non-profit organization called Humble Design, serving individuals, families and veterans emerging from homelessness.