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Unlock more clicks and conversions with better broad matching

May 2016

Think you know broad match? Think again.

Over the past year, Bing Ads has invested heavily in broad match technology around brand, people, geographic and product intent. These improvements deliver more volume and controls that preserve ad relevance and match consumer intent with keywords that advertisers are bidding on. We are also investing in click prediction, quality protection, and conversion quality to continue to strengthen broad match performance now and in the future.

If you haven’t used broad match in a while, give it another look. You could be leaving untapped clicks and conversions on the table. For example, when not using broad match, 59% of potential impressions and 44% of potential clicks may be lost to competitors. In addition, if you’re using broad match modifier in place of broad match, you may be missing out up to 87% more clicks and 85% more conversions brought by broad match. Because these results vary by industry, you’ll want to get the facts when deciding among match types.

Check out the deck or download it to see what’s new in broad match, and learn how it differs from exact match, phrase match and broad match modifier. Also find out more about how broad match stacks up against the other match types, by industry — including retail, CPG, travel, financial services, education and entertainment.

For more research and insights, visit our Bing Ads blog.

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