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Streaming and over-the-top media insights

November 2021

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It’s no surprise that consumers are spending a significant amount of time watching content on streaming services. Both U.S. and international streaming services search volume is increasing year-over-year and is forecasted to continue growing through the end of the year.

Market research conducted by Microsoft Advertising found that while over half of streamers set a budget, 40% of respondents would expand their budget for the right service. However, there is also a high churn risk, with 20% reporting that they have recently unsubscribed from one service to replace it with another. The streaming landscape is consistently changing and requires re-evaluation of current search strategies to account for acquisition, retention and win-back.

Be sure to include native in your campaign strategy to reach users searching for content or non-branded terms. Conquesting on peer brand keywords and content is also important, as is planning your budget around releases and general streaming seasonality. For full survey results and recommendations, download the insights.

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