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Sensis helps SMBs grow with clever digital marketing solutions

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Building Trust and Delivering Success for Small Businesses

Helping thousands of SMBs grow their businesses

Sensis is a marketing services company used by thousands of SMBs with a long history of serving Australian businesses. Sensis offers digital marketing solutions primarily to SMBs, helping businesses of any size or age get found online and connect with their customers via a range of clever digital marketing solutions, but its history goes back to the original telephone. 

Starting out with the first Australian telephone directory and exchange back in 1880, Sensis has evolved its approach over the years to improve the marketing process and meet customer goals. Built on top of this long history of building client trust, Sensis is one of Australia’s leading platforms and marketing services company, with comprehensive marketing solutions across both digital and print. Because of its excellent results and strong partnership, Sensis received the ‘2020 Global Channel Partner of the Year’ award from Microsoft Advertising. Both partners share the same goal: To create engaging, personalized experiences, using Microsoft Advertising’s intelligent solutions to understand people’s intent, and then delivering those personalized experiences that make every connection count.

This video showcases Sensis employees talking about the importance of trust in how they support their clients and the value of their partnership with Microsoft Advertising.

Partnering with Microsoft Advertising has brought in a lot of trust, a lot of credibility, and a lot of integrity that we've been able to build upon.

— Deepa Singh, General Manager, Operations and Partner Management, Sensis

A unique, purpose-driven approach

Sensis stands out not just from the great results it creates for its clients, but from its commitment to providing great service to SMBs and its efforts in building trust by doing the right thing. Sensis believes that anyone who has a business, large or small, should be able to have their business details and messaging found by potential customers, giving them opportunity for their business to grow. 

Sensis is unique in that it understands where small businesses are coming from and respects how hard they must work to achieve their results. They find purpose in being a partner to SMBs, helping them grow online and building their trust along the way.

Guiding SMBs towards growth during digital transformation

With the onset of digital transformation, Sensis has emerged as a leader in helping SMBs navigate the rapid changes in the way businesses connect with consumers. Sensis helps provide the platform capability to SMBs that enables them to reach out to their consumers across search and other digital marketing mediums.

It helps Australian SMBs get past the advertising jargon, making marketing simpler and more focused on results. It believes in driving value and performance in the key marketing areas that help customers succeed, freeing up SMBs to focus on running their business while Sensis focuses on the marketing.

As it pioneers the way towards effective marketing for SMBs in the digital area, Sensis is continually looking to challenge the status quo and find new ways to drive partnerships forward. It always innovates in a way that builds trust, putting transparency first and sharing information that allows it to prioritize initiatives that get the best return.

A partnership that’s focused on building success and trust

Sensis and Microsoft Advertising work together on a range of shared initiatives, all focused on driving customer success and trust in achieving results. These include driving search revenue growth through sales incentives, training, and enablement. They also work on improving their knowledge of Microsoft Advertising products so Sensis can best utilize features that help customers improve advertising performance and maximize ROI.

The robust partnership between Sensis and Microsoft Advertising has increased the mutual success of both businesses. They work together on ongoing proactive initiatives to enhance product performance and customer capabilities, fueled by frequent engagement and strong commitment and support on all aspects of the partnership.
We're committed to each other and committed to ensuring that we offer the best to these advertisers, to our clients, to our SMBs.

— Deepa Singh, General Manager, Operations and Partner Management, Sensis

Making a difference with results

As a key part of its value proposition, Sensis is committed to driving traffic via Microsoft Advertising for thousands of SMB advertisers across Australia from all levels of advertiser spend. It focuses on improving performance on Microsoft Advertising campaigns through adopting best practices and continuous optimization. The partnership with Microsoft Advertising is creating powerful results for SMB advertisers.

Download the infographic to take the Sensis success story with you.

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