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Santa Barbara Chocolate achieves sweet success

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Mastering the art of chocolate and paid search campaigns

Mastering the art of chocolate making

As master chocolatiers in California, Santa Barbara Chocolate’s gourmet chocolates and confections’ success is built upon quality and value. Always fresh from the source, the wholesale chocolate supplier has chocolates that customers can count on day in and day out, supplied directly from cocoa growers who source responsibly and sustainably. 

Operating since 1992, Santa Barbara Chocolate understands the need to market and advertise for continued success as a business. That’s why the chocolate connoisseur teamed up with marketing agency Sales & Orders to manage its online advertising campaigns.

Santa Barbara Chocolate achieved a 476% increase in conversion rate, and raised its average revenue growth by 315% in less than a year.

A fresh start for shopping campaign success

Before partnering with Sales & Orders, Santa Barbara Chocolate found unsatisfying results with other agencies who couldn’t deliver on their commitments of helping spur growth for the business. The chocolate supplier wanted a fresh start for its digital marketing recipe, turning to Sales & Orders to improve the performance of its shopping campaigns and Microsoft Advertising to help plan smarter customer journeys using their intelligent advertising tools and AI to help make more informed marketing decisions along the way.

Sales & Orders harnessed its own platform to set up and manage shopping campaigns for Santa Barbara Chocolate. The platform’s integration with the Microsoft Ads API programmatic interface allowed Sales & Orders to optimize the chocolate supplier’s product titles by injecting actual search terms used by shoppers and employing hyper-focused location targeting. Then, they used the Microsoft Merchant Center to create a catalogue of product ads, allowing them to include product details such as images and pricing within the ad to deliver key information to help consumers make informed decisions before they click.

A partnership that led to sweet results

Santa Barbara Chocolate attained the sweet results it craved with the help of the Sales & Orders platform coupled with Microsoft Advertising. With a 476% increase in conversion rate, Santa Barbara Chocolate raised its average revenue growth by 315% in less than a year. This also led to a 5X boost in return on ad spend.
Collaborating with Sales & Orders and integrating with Microsoft Advertising enabled Santa Barbara Chocolate to achieve advertising success. This sets the master chocolatier up for future wins, ensuring the company continues to supply delectable, high-quality chocolates to chefs and bakers the world over.
After comparing quite a few marketing firms, Sales & Orders became our company's first choice for digital marketing management because of their results-driven orientation. Before finding them, we had tried other partners to manage our online advertising. Those results were mediocre because we felt these other companies did not take the time to fully understand the product range of what we sell.

— Santa Barbara Chocolate

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