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Norwall PowerSystems and White Shark Media generate powerful results

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Achieve 236% increase in conversions

Norwall PowerSystems expands digital reach

As an e-commerce business selling backup power generators and related equipment to other businesses, Norwall PowerSystems understands the importance of targeting to reach the right customers online. That’s why the company enlisted marketing agency White Shark Media to manage its pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns and expand its digital reach. 
Besides results and success, support is extremely important for Norwall. The support and help we have gotten from Microsoft Advertising have been nothing but amazing as they helped to set up shopping campaigns, linked feeds, and provided information for opportunities of expansion. It really shows that they care about the client relationship and well-being.

— JP Chamorro, Strategic Account Manager, White Shark Media

A threefold approach to delivering high ROAS

With the goal of delivering a high Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for Norwall PowerSystems while increasing conversions at a lower cost, White Shark Media applied a threefold strategy of 1) targeting the right audience, 2) 360 degree tracking and 3) implementing best practices. 

Knowing Microsoft Advertising reaches a high-value audience with high purchasing power, White Shark Media leveraged the platform’s targeting options to show Norwall PowerSystems’ ads to those in the real estate and construction industries. The agency also installed Call Tracking Metrics and Universal Event Tracking tags to monitor revenue and ROAS. Moreover, White Shark Media employed best practices such as conducting split testing, updating ads with promotions alongside their corresponding ad copy, and ensuring proper campaign and ad group segmentation. 

This approach led to impressive campaign performance, with ROAS up 309% and conversions up 236%. In June of 2019, the start of hurricane season in the U.S. and one of Norwall PowerSystems’ peak months, the company’s ROAS increased by more than 1,000%. These results have even earned White Shark Media a nomination in the Audience Excellence Category of the 2019 Microsoft Advertising Agency Awards.

Generate powerful results with Microsoft Advertising

By partnering with White Shark Media, Norwall PowerSystems has seen a tremendous impact on its online reach. And with the help of Microsoft Advertising, White Shark Media delivers outstanding results and exceeds the expectations of its B2B clients. 

Learn how White Shark media leveraged the power of Microsoft Advertising's targeting solutions to generate low cost conversions for Norwall PowerSystems. Download the infographic to take this success story with you.
Communication, help and support are the big factors in why Norwall is so happy with Microsoft.

— JP Chamorro, Strategic Account Manager, White Shark Media

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Download the infographic to take the Norwall PowerSystems success story with you.

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