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Miracle Games increased app downloads with Microsoft Store Ads

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Microsoft Store Ads connects app developers to audiences with high intent to download

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The Goal: Reach a high-intent audience to greater ROI for developers

Miracle Games had a goal to reach more users that have a high intent to download a desktop app or game. Reaching this audience would allow them to drive a higher return on investment (ROI) for the 3600+ app developers on their platform.

To the left, an icon of a group of people with an ascending green arrow on top showing a 25% increase in installs, in the middle a shopping cart icon with an ascending green arrow on top signifying a 90% decrease in cost per install than search ads, and to the right a laptop connected to the internet icon with an ascending green arrow on top meaning a 6 times increase in conversion rates.

The Solution: Leverage Microsoft Store Ads to reach customers searching for related apps

To better serve their customers and reach their goals, Miracle Games began using the beta of Microsoft Store Ads. This new product allowed them to reach users searching the Microsoft Store for related apps and games, increasing awareness, preference, and downloads.

The initial results exceeded their expectations, allowing Miracle Game’s customers to acquire more users quickly and efficiently. After three months of testing and optimizing, the cost per install (CPI) achieved with Microsoft Store Ads was 90% lower than search ads, and they also averaged a conversion rate 6x higher.

After achieving such fantastic results, the Miracle Game team has adjusted their CPI target for Microsoft Store Ads campaigns in the United States to be 60% lower than most other advertising channels—making it one of their most efficient channels.

Products Used: How Microsoft Store Ads helped

With Microsoft Store Ads, you can increase visibility and drive downloads for your products, manage ad campaigns through the Microsoft Advertising platform, and review performance reports and optimize campaigns for increased user engagement.

Working closely with the Microsoft Advertising team, we have made tremendous progress in optimizing the performance of our Microsoft Store Ads. With three months of continuous research and deploying incremental advertising budget, it has been fully verified that Games Apps on the Microsoft Store can obtain huge traffic through Microsoft Store Ads. The high-quality traffic has led to more downloads and installations of our Game Apps and the CPI is substantially lower than other advertising channels. Microsoft Store Ads has played an important part in achieving our business goals!

— Kai Ouyang, Founder and CEO of Miracle Games

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