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Case study

How Owl Labs achieved a 60% lower CPA with Microsoft’s Search Ads

March 01, 2024
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The goal

​​Owl Labs has transformed the way hybrid and remote workers connect in today’s anywhere‑work world, with their award‑winning smart video conferencing technology.

​To increase brand visibility, drive engagement, optimize conversions, and revenue generation for its video conferencing solutions, Owl Labs partnered with Microsoft Advertising and InMobi to launch a multi‑channel acquisition campaign that would deliver results across the full funnel.​

The solution

​​Owl Labs optimized its campaigns with multiple bidding strategies. Search and Dynamic Search Ads automatically targeted high‑intent users by dynamically generating ads based on website content, in response to search queries.

​Audience and Extensions tailored messaging to specific audience segments, while global location targeting expanded reach. Shared negative keywords simplified applying entire lists of negative keywords across multiple campaigns. Lastly, seamlessly importing previously created Google Ads expedited the Microsoft Advertising campaign setup.​

With Microsoft Advertising, we’ve witnessed impressive growth in clicks, conversions, and revenue for Owl Labs’ products, demonstrating the effectiveness of our campaign.

— Isaiah Jamison, Digital Advertising Specialist at Owl Labs

The results

​​The Microsoft Advertising ad campaign achieved impressive results. Owl Labs saw a 56% increase in conversions, a 14% improvement in Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), a 60% Year over Year (YoY) improvement in CPA on the Microsoft Search Network, and a four-fold Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) from Remarketing Audience Lists.​

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