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Bing and Innovative insurance meets paid search

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Find out how leading insurance comparison site utilizes Bing Ads effect

Photo of Johann Etchegaray,<br />Marketing Manager

Johann Etchegaray, marketing manager

The mission at French insurance comparison website is simple — to help people find the best coverage at the best price.

Started in 2010, the company's growth has been nothing short of meteoric with a 75% staff increase year over year, resulting in 70 employees and a 44% market share today.

It's all music to Johann Etchegaray's ears. Etchegaray was recruited to be a marketing manager in September 2009 — just before the service launched — to head up the team’s digital marketing efforts.

“I joined after graduation, so this is my first job — and, oh, what a job it’s been,” Etchegaray beams. Coming from a web background, he loves being at the core of people’s everyday life issues. “Everyone needs insurance coverage. Insurance raises many questions and financial decisions. Helping people to better understand it and make the right decision is rewarding.” offers a full spectrum of insurance products from 50 French insurance providers including all the insurers that operate online. This includes car and motorbike, home, health, pet, travel, professional insurance and, most recently, financial product insurance comparison.

Untapped market potential

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It hasn’t all been smooth sailing on the company’s climb towards the top, however. still faces the ongoing struggle of competing with traditional offline insurers.

“In France, historically, big insurance companies have very strong brands and customer relationships,” Etchegaray explains. “People are used to face-to-face contact with insurers. This is why insurance comparison sites are underused in France. It’s a combination of trust and familiarity.”

Currently, just 10% of new insurance quotes are purchased online in France, which pales in comparison with the UK, for example, in which 70% of new insurance quotes are purchased online.

This does, of course, mean that there is massive potential in the online insurance marketplace and it’s this potential that, as well as its competitors, are working so hard to maximize. Etchegaray sees strong market competition as a good thing. “As the online offering develops with more players, the use of online insurance comparison websites will become more familiar to people. Good online communication is key to standing out.”

To become successful, has focused on providing value-added information that helps customers make decisions and reinforces trust online. “Our mission is to make online insurance comparison an established reflex, just like online travel comparison,” Etchegaray explains.

The winning formula

The team working hard in the office

The team working hard in the office

Paid search has been critical to’s acquisition strategy right from the start. Back when the service launched in 2010, it was responsible for 100% of customer acquisition. Today it still accounts for 50% of traffic, 80% of the company's online investment and 40 of its total investment.

Of this, Bing Ads accounts for an impressive 20% of paid search acquisition — and this figure is only expected to grow as Bing steadily increases its market share.

Etchegaray is delighted with the results he sees coming back from Bing, especially when compared to other search engines. Bing Ads tends to yield a significantly lower cost per quotes (6€ CPA) and a 55% conversion rate. Return on investment is also 10 to 15% higher with Bing, making it better value.

Mobile is also crucial for Eighteen months ago, 15% of all visits to the website came through mobile devices. Today, between 35 and 40% of all visits come through mobile devices, and that number is expected to reach 50% by the end of 2016. This is partly due to Bing, which has experienced significant mobile growth thanks to Windows 10.

In terms of future potential, Etchegaray thinks that paid search performance could improve — particularly on mobile devices — if users are targeted on the right device; PC or mobile, as they switch from one to the other before making a purchase.

As a marketer, I feel that Bing Ads listens to me, whereas the competition only has a one-way innovation process.

Johann Etchegaray, Marketing Manager

Bing on call

Etchegaray is keen to highlight the level of service Bing Ads provides. For example, participates in the Bing Ads Product Advisory Group — a unique opportunity for companies to discuss specific products and services with the Bing Ads team. For Etchegaray, this is what sets Bing Ads apart. “As a marketer, I feel that Bing Ads listens to me, whereas the competition only has a one-way innovation process.”

He also loves the continuous innovation that Bing Ads offers, such as detailed client feedback and social media flow integration, which really helps to get ahead of the competition. The company also likes using Universal Event Tracking (UET) to track what customers are doing after they click on a ad. With UET, advertisers can track multiple types of conversion goals using only one tag that is placed across their website and find out which keywords bring in conversions and which ones don’t.

Unrivalled support like this demonstrates how Bing Ads go the extra mile in providing a truly personalized service that delivers the kind of results that clients want to see. Isn’t it time you switched to Bing Ads?

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