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Labelium has a passion for fashion — and SEM

June 2019

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Living the glamorous life

Companies selling high-end beauty, fashion and other luxury goods often turn to Labelium for help with their digital marketing.

Since 2001, the global online media strategy and marketing agency has been helping brands like Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Acqua di Parma and Giuseppe Zanotti, achieve their online business goals with 100% tailor-made consulting services, including marketing strategy and business goal definition.

“At Labelium, we deeply believe in going beyond the mere planning and management of the advertisement campaigns,” says Laura Selmi, country manager for Italy at Labelium. “The definition of the marketing strategy and business goals, and the creation of new digital marketing technologies and strategies for our clients are key to their success, and subsequently our own.”

Active in 23 countries, the company’s three business units — Labelium Media, Labelium E-Retail and Labelium Data — provide dedicated support and personalised, global digital marketing to international companies. Labelium’s scope covers everything from the strategy to the execution and analysis of digital marketing, including search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), YouTube, social networks, eRetail consulting, web analytics and programmatic buying.

In the fashion and luxury market, the Microsoft Search Network user is on average more willing to purchase our clients’ products, with a conversion ratio [CVR] 80% higher in Italy and 50% higher in the UK and U.S. compared with users on other advertising platforms.

Marta Tamanini, Digital Marketing Director, Labelium

Partnering for success

What has been the biggest key to success for Labelium? One word: collaboration.

“We have a trusted relationship with our suppliers, especially Microsoft Advertising,” says Selmi.

By working closely with Microsoft through the Microsoft Advertising Partner Program, Labelium receives training, premium services, exclusive marketing support and a dedicated account team to help maximize SEM campaign success for its clients.

“This partnership enables us to optimize search advertising campaigns and strategies so that we can deliver strong results for our clients,” says Selmi.

A high-value audience

But it wasn’t just the care and collaboration that won Labelium over, it was also the more affluent audience that the company found on the Microsoft Search Network. Unique searchers on the Microsoft Search Network spend more online than the average internet searcher by 36%.

“The Microsoft Search Network allows us to reach a highly valued audience and to achieve performance that, on average, is better than other search engines,” says Angelo Zarbo, digital marketing director at Labelium. “The market share is becoming more substantial year after year in all markets. We find this true every day looking at our clients’ data in the fashion and luxury sector.”

According to Zarbo, if Labelium wasn’t active with Microsoft Advertising, the company estimates it would lose over a third of its U.S. searches and a fourth of its UK searches. Searchers on the Microsoft Search Network represent 6 billion monthly searches in the U.S. and 404 million monthly searches in the UK. “For these reasons, we always recommend that our international clients use Microsoft Advertising,” says Zarbo. “This is the only way to intercept almost all the global users’ searches and to ensure maximum performance for our campaigns.”

But reach means nothing without conversions, so what kind of conversion rates is Labelium seeing on the Microsoft Search Network?

“In the fashion and luxury market, the Microsoft Search Network user is on average more willing to purchase our clients’ products, with a conversion ratio [CVR] 80% higher in Italy and 50% higher in the UK and U.S. compared with users on other advertising platforms,” says Marta Tamanini, digital marketing director for Labelium.

In the luxury goods vertical alone, the Microsoft Search Network has 1.8 million searchers not reached on Google. This has helped improve brand awareness for Labelium clients overall.

To help target the right customers to achieve its clients’ goals, Labelium regularly uses a variety of features, such as Shopping Campaigns, Remarketing, Automated Promotion Extensions, Microsoft Audience Ads and Dynamic Search Ads.

“These are innovative features that enable us to reach a targeted audience with relevant ads, and it’s our fundamental objective to reach an audience interested in the products and services offered by our clients,” says Benjamin Turner, senior e-marketing consultant at Labelium.

The benefits of the Microsoft Search Network audience and Microsoft Advertising features have really paid off for Labelium and its clients. They’ve achieved a year-over-year growth in brand ad impressions, resulting in a 78% increase in France, 55% increase in the U.S. and 137% increase in Italy. But that’s not all. Overall, they’ve had a 200% boost in CVRs while reducing the cost per click by 30% with Shopping Campaigns.

As a result, Labelium will continue to help its clients invest in Microsoft Advertising to find even more high-quality searchers to keep its clients living the luxurious life.

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