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Dolead enhances its new offering with Bing Ads

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Campaigns created and optimized with more ease

Image of the Dolead logo showing the name Dolead in text with a blue arrow pointing to the right.

Expert in detecting leads

Dolead, one of the leading players in marketing technologies in Europe, is the world’s first paid media leads-as-a-service solution that helps customers manage and optimize their search advertising campaigns to generate more high-quality leads at scale.

With just under 50 employees, Dolead has been creating technology that combines exclusive semantic technology with artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize customer acquisition since 2011. Developed by Dolead’s integrated research and development lab (which includes three doctors in machine learning, semantics, and applied mathematics and informatics) and supported by a technical team of 10 engineers, the Dolead semantic graph has over one billion keywords in 26 languages. It also expands top-of-funnel intake, delivering seven times more reach compared with alternative keyword planners. AI automatically generates consistent ad titles and copy while requesting human validation in certain cases. For each keyword, Dolead conducts A/B testing on up to four versions of ad copy to improve click-through rates. This technology is used today by more than 300 customers in Europe and North America.

We are very pleased to work closely with Bing Ads to deliver the best tool to our customers, reach a larger target audience, and optimize our customer campaigns.

Arthur Saint-Père, co-founder, Dolead

Two technologies combined for a better reach

To strengthen its customers’ campaigns, Dolead has trusted and collaborated with the Bing Ads team as a preferred technology partner since June 2014. Today, Bings Ads is the second advertising platform to be fully operational on the Dolead Campaign Manager platform. It has been an enriching and effective collaboration, says Arthur Saint-Père, co-founder of Dolead. “We are very pleased to work closely with Bing Ads to deliver the best tool to our customers, reach a larger target audience, and optimize their campaigns."

Guillaume Heintz (left) and Arthur Saint-Père (right), co-founders of Dolead, stand side by side in the sun.

Guillaume Heintz (left) and Arthur Saint-Père (right), co-founders of Dolead.

Dolead has progressively adopted the Bing Ads API, allowing advertising campaigns to be automatically created and optimized in a granular way. This makes it possible to target users taking specific actions while reaching a larger audience. Dolead offers its customers cutting-edge campaign management technology that is agile and adaptable to their business needs. Dolead has found that its Bing Ads campaigns are more profitable and less expensive than their counterparts on Google Ads, and reach a target audience with a higher average age and greater purchasing power. For these reasons, Dolead found it essential to have Bing Ads SEM campaigns.

The results are visible. Customers creating campaigns on Bing Ads generate an average increase of 15-25% in traffic and conversions, according to the customer’s budget. Dolead recommends that its customers systematically duplicate their search campaigns on Bing Ads to target a wider reach, lower their cost per acquisition, and diversify their paid acquisition strategy. The Bing Network, representing a 15% share of the French market today, is an essential channel for Dolead users.

Bing partner of the Dolead performance offer

Since 2014, the Bing Ads team has appreciated the disruptive potential of Dolead and its technological innovative DNA. The performance of the SaaS Dolead Campaign Manager platform earned Dolead the Rising Star Channel Partner of the Year award in Seattle in April 2018 at the Bing Partner Awards, which recognizes the most innovative partners on the Bing Network. Dolead is also a certified Bing Elite Partner.

A multicultural group of Dolead employees looking excited and standing in the sun outside their office in Paris, France.

The Dolead team is located in Paris, France.

After seven years of research and development, Dolead launched its campaign manager platform and has worked with hundreds of customers on thousands of campaigns. Dolead is proud to present a 100% performance offer to its customers, guaranteeing leads for their products and services at a fixed price. The partnership between the Bing Ads team and Dolead has entered a new exciting and effective phase, as Arthur Saint-Père points out, “Bing is a reliable partner that has always supported us since 2014 and every time we launch a new innovation. Today we are very pleased that Bing is one of the key partners of our new 100% performance offer. This new offer that we have been testing for two years with about a hundred major companies is aimed at enterprises using marketing search campaigns to detect leads for their commercial teams. It enables a huge increase in the volume of conversions of these campaigns at a fixed cost per conversion and guarantee in advance by Dolead.”

Today we are very pleased that Bing is one of the key partners of our new 100% performance offer.

Arthur Saint-Père, co-founder, Dolead

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