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CanvasChamp scales ROI globally with paid search

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Achieves an annual growth of 228% in ROI

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A brand that drives innovation

With millions of loyal customers and over 40 million products delivered, CanvasChamp is a modern online printing solutions company that ships customized prints and photo gifts to all corners of the world. Launched with a vision of helping people share their life moments, CanvasChamp’s focus on product quality and affordability makes it a favorite consumer brand. With customization as the core objective, the company offers printing on a wide range of surface options with different photo effects and a 100% quality guarantee, winning hearts globally.

Examples of CanvasChamp Product offerings.

Examples of CanvasChamp Product offerings.

It was important for us at CanvasChamp to ensure that we spread joy for our consumers through gifting. One simple gesture of leveraging search advertising has enabled us to grab the attention of audiences and continue to spread happiness throughout Canada, the USA, and Australia.

— Anand Mistry (HOD) & Pathik Panchal, SEM Competency Manager, CanvasChamp


2020 has changed the way people live. As people stayed indoors, many leveraged online channels to get in touch, shop, and share joy in the wake of the pandemic. This shift has further opened new avenues for gifting services to be ordered online, as search volumes for gifts increased.

CanvasChamp encompasses the mission to spread positivity and happiness, as people had limited ways of celebrating with family and friends during the pandemic. The brand joined hands with Microsoft Advertising to leverage paid search and to get people to share the joy by ordering customized gifts for their loved ones.

Reaching the right audiences on Microsoft Advertising

CanvasChamp search ad on Microsoft Advertising.

CanvasChamp search ad on Microsoft Advertising.

While CanvasChamp creates a wide range of products universally accessible to its audiences, it was paramount for the brand to reach out to a network of individuals who are highly interested in leveraging gifting services. To tap into these high-intent audiences, CanvasChamp leveraged the Microsoft Audience Network that naturally delves into consumers’ experiences on premium sites like MSN,, and Microsoft Edge, as well as other partner sites outside of search. By strategically targeting these audiences with the right messaging, the brand could pull in higher quality leads at scale.

Delivering value with Smart Shopping Campaigns

By leveraging Smart Shopping Campaigns with Microsoft Advertising artificial intelligence technology that uses the right combination of automated bidding, intuitive shopping ads, and advanced targeting capabilities, CanvasChamp was able to deliver personalized shopping experiences that target audiences while maximizing the conversion value by 60%.

Transformative results

Search advertising has been the cornerstone for CanvasChamp in driving 2X ROI every month post the lockdown. With a predicted growth of 1.3X ROI, the brand consistently delivered a minimum of 1.6X growth, while the last quarter of 2020 saw a whopping 3X increase in ROI. There has been a tremendous annual growth of 228% in ROI from the year 2020 to 2021. The best part of the campaign lies not just in scaling higher revenues, but by scaling them with an efficient spend of 60% of the total allocated spends.

The automated capabilities of the Microsoft Audience Network and the Smart Shopping Campaigns has paved new ways of reaching out to high-intent audiences in Australia, the UK, Canada and the USA. In a quest to consistently reach qualified audiences and scale revenues, we saw the conversion rate increase by 138%.

— Punit Kumar, Sr. Digital Marketing Expert & Dinesh Prajapati, D.M. Account Manager, CanvasChamp

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