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Small business guide to getting started with digital advertising

April 2020

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If your website isn’t found when people search online, you could be missing out on sales. There are simple, low-cost ways to improve your chances of ranking higher up on organic search results pages, but competition for organic traffic is fierce, which is why many businesses of all sizes use paid search advertising.

Read on to learn more about pay per click and the role of analytics and search engine optimization. Find out how to manage digital advertising budgets and measure your return on investment. You can pick up top tips from experts Yiuwin Tsang and Amy Wilkinson of digital marketing agency Disruptive Thinking, and gain insight from successful small businesses. 

We want you to harness the power of digital advertising, so you can attract more customers and take your business to new heights.

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  • How pay-per-click advertising works.
  • The business benefits of pay-per-click advertising.
  • The seven steps to launching a PPC campaign.
  • Microsoft Advertising customer success stories.

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