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Smart ways to grow your business with Microsoft Advertising & LinkedIn

August 2019

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The age of digital marketing is behind us, and our new reality is marketing in the digital age. Your customers no longer look for information on just one channel or even one device. The factors that influence their purchasing decisions are more abundant than ever. Because of this, the customer journey has become more complex and fragmented and there isn’t a single formula for how to reach them. Therefore, you must market to them in meaningful places. The key to winning in this digital age is to make every customer connection count.

Microsoft Advertising and LinkedIn help you find your ideal customer organically and boost your reach with paid media. With the most innovative AI technologies, you can measure, learn and optimize to drive more impact.

Did you know:

  • People searching on Bing spend more online than the average internet searcher by 33%.
  • Audiences on LinkedIn have 2x the buying power of the average web audience.

Read on to see how Microsoft and LinkedIn capabilities can help you reach the audiences that matter most to you and to target more effectively than ever before.