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Search engine marketing insights for Mother’s Day 2018

April 2018

Start planning your Mother's Day campaigns now. Learn what people are spending big on, and get tips to capture shoppers searching for the perfect gift.


We love you, mom!

85% of Americans
celebrated Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is the
third-largest retail holiday.

Americans splurged on Mother’s Day

$186 was spent on
average per shopper.

Spending reached an
all-time high of $23.6B.

What are Bing Network users searching for on Mother’s Day?

Popular Mother’s Day search terms

Use these popular Mother’s Day search terms and the Keyword Planner to expand your keyword list and boost your Mother’s Day campaign performance.

and jewelry

Decor and
gardening tools

and gifts

Popular search categories on the Bing Network

Be sure to allocate your search engine marketing budget according to these key categories to help capture clicks. Searchers showed the greatest interest in Hobbies & Leisure gifts for mom (22%), followed by Home & Garden (17%). Gifts in the Apparel and Computers & Consumer Electronics categories ranked third (16%). Gardening and yard, garden and patio gifts had a 19% year-over-year (YoY) click growth. Cooking and home furniture gifts both enjoyed a 12% YoY growth.

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Target your dream audience on the Bing Network

monthly unique searches.

total retail PC searches.

retail PC searchers not reached on Google.

Searchers who spend more

Compared with Google, the Bing Network audience is more likely to spend on these key Mother’s Day product categories, and during the past 6 months was:

more likely to spend $500+ on jewelry or accessories.
more likely to spend $100-$199 on flowers.
more likely to spend $100-$199 on skin care.
more likely to buy gourmet cooking equipment online.

Use remarketing to reconnect with shoppers

Most shoppers won’t purchase on their first site visit. Remarketing in Paid Search gives you a chance to re-engage with site visitors.

Home page visitors:

Highlight Mother’s Day-specific promotions.

Specific product or category pages:

Feature limited-time offers or fine-tune product descriptions.

Cart abandoners:

Promote two-day and same-day delivery.