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Streaming content in a COVID-19 world

Microsoft Advertising Insights took a deep dive into this hot and growing category, seeing 500%+ YoY growth.

December 2020


Sweater weather – insights on clothing trends

Microsoft Advertising Insights dove into clothing trends as we enter cold weather season in the US.

November 2020


Cough, cold and flu playbook

Microsoft Advertising Insights brings to you a report on what the cold, cough and flu season looks like this year along with a COVID-19 update.

November 2020


The COVID-19 response journey for banks

Microsoft Advertising Insights looked into fluctuating trends surrounding savings and checking and understanding our market response.

November 2020


The Amazon shopper and the effects of Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day was pushed three months later than previous years. We looked into search and category trends from the event and how Amazon consumers shop.

November 2020


Travel In-market Audiences

Microsoft Advertising Insights knows that Travel is being hard hit by COVID-19, so we looked at our In-market Audiences and the impact on Travel advertisers.

October 2020


Marketing with Purpose Playbook

A playbook with purpose-driven insights to improve advertising performance like purchase intent, by building more trusted, loved brand experiences.

September 2020


Holiday 2020 Insights guide

Your pandemic guide to holiday sales success

August 2020

White paper

Inclusive Marketing Whitepaper

We set out to understand if inclusive advertising drives trust, builds loyalty, and leads to purchase intent, along with ideas for application.

July 2020

White paper

Accelerate performance with trust, love, loyalty

We set out to discover what trust means to consumers, especially the role it plays in driving purchase consideration and business value.

June 2020