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Home & Construction: Macro impact and timing

September 2021

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With the holidays quickly approaching, Microsoft Advertising investigated timing trends for Home & Construction (H&C)-related searches in correlation to the current seller’s market.

We found that H&C holiday searches and clicks remain consistent year-over-year, kicking off 4-5 weeks prior to Black Friday. Users are more likely to search for “Black Friday” vs. general “deals” or “Cyber Monday.” Be sure to adjust your budgets to accommodate expected changes in traffic and implement ad extensions and keywords that highlight “Black Friday”-specific deals!

H&C related searches and clicks also tend to grow in a seller’s market, especially across the Home Construction & Material and Furniture subcategories. Additionally, the market is experiencing a small boost to net new listings driven by smaller homes. Capitalize on this market trend by implementing keywords and messaging that cater to small space décor and renovations that maximize the layout, especially for bathrooms.

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