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Global apparel insights by region (FR, DE, UK and US)

June 2021

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According to a GWI survey, Microsoft users over-index on purchasing apparel products in both Europe and the US. Microsoft Advertising Insights used this information to test both general and luxury apparel items across four countries. We also used this learning to look at the consumer journey and identify how often native influences search behaviors, especially in multi-touch attribution.

The findings were similar across the board: all six apparel categories we investigated (clothing, shoes, sports equipment, handbag, jewelry, wallet, and wristwatch) over-indexed in all four countries. This tells us that there is a strong case for apparel brands to expand their reach within these locations.

Another key insight we found from the investigation was that multi-touch attribution tells a more holistic story to advertisers than last-touch. Native was a large factor here; when multi-touch attribution was measured, we found native contribution to conversions grows by as much as 4x. This is a strong case for advertisers who are not yet on the Microsoft Audience Network to investigate activating native ads.

If you’re interested in learning more about multi-touch attribution or the growth of the apparel marketplace, download the insights today.

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