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Get your search ads to first & goal for the Big Game

January 2017

On the first Sunday in February, friends and family gather together for the biggest sports and advertising event of the year. From the kick-off through the final whistle, football fans are on the edge of their seats for the championship play and the big-budget TV commercials. Before, during and after the game, those fans are searching — across devices!

Get in on the game day action and connect with the Bing Network’s audience. Our audience includes 33 million users who watched football on TV in a typical week, and 12 million who watched football as a spectator in the last six months. 

Our Big Game presentation can help you be there as the players take the field and fans take to search. Look through the presentation to learn more about:
  • The game day audience and what devices are they on.
  • How they’re gearing up for the game and the game day party.
  • How to drive your message downfield by syncing your TV advertising with your search advertising.
  • How Big Game commercials affect search volume.
  • What tools and tips will help you prepare and manage your game day campaigns.
To see more insights, trends and tips, view or download our Big Game presentation. For more tips and trends, check out our featured industry and seasonal insights on the Bing Ads blog.

 Download the presentation