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The DIY Guide to Bing Ads: Valentine’s Day 2017

January 2017

Did you know that annual consumer spending on Valentine’s Day totaled 19.7 billion in 2016? People are buying gifts not just for romantic partners, but also for pets, family and friends. As a small business trying to increase your sales, you can’t afford to miss out on the first major spending holiday of 2017!

Make sure you get an early start on creating Valentine’s Day advertising campaigns customers will embrace. If you’re alone in creating a search engine marketing (SEM) campaign in the name of love this year, we’ve created a Small Business Valentine’s Day SEM Guide to be there for you.

Find tips and insights on how to:
  • Increase website visits.
  • Get more phone calls.
  • Drive more in-store traffic.
Download the guide and kickstart your small business SEM this Valentine’s Day!